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What Abilities Should I have in Quick Bar 1 for Sith Juggernaut


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So I typically play the Bounty Hunter, but since I switched to the new server I found myself playing as a sith warrior. I'm not very sure how to play the class and which ability's synergize. I would appreciate it if someone could share their build/rotations for a Tank or DPS Sith juggernaut, along with a brief explanation.


are there fast keys that change quick bars? 

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While there is a correct rotation for your class, and an infinite number of incorrect rotations, there is no correct hotbar setup. You should set up your interface, ability placements, and keybinds to whatever is the most comfortable and accessible during gameplay.


Some just tips as far as keybinding goes. The game plays as WASD + mouse. Therefore, keybinding rotation abiltiies on the right-side of the keyboard should be frowned upon. You should try to maintain full control over the Mouse + WASD at all times during your rotation.

  • 1-6 (7 if you got long fingers) is great.
  • Now repeat for SHIFT+1 - SHIFT+7
  • Don't touch Ctrl+#number# keys. These are for companions.
  • Don't touch F# keys. These require too much reach, and besides, F1 is for targeting yourself or your companion. This is definitely important when playing as a healer and you need to cast a a heal on yourself for a bonus heal effect.
  • Bind keys such as Q, E, R, T.
  • Now repeat for Shift+Q, Shift+E, Shift+R, Shift+T.

There's 20-22 keys right there that can be bound and easily accessed with your left hand while also allowing simultaneous access to the WASD keys. Just be sure to go to the game settings and rebind KOTFE/KOTET chapter selector from Shift+E to something like Shift+Ctrl+E. If using Steam, rebind the Shift+Tab overlay to Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Maybe it's just be, but for some reason I am always fat fingering Shift+Tab, maybe while trying to do Shift+Q.




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For the rotation, you can look up a guide from a site like Swtorista or Vulkk.

Keybinds/hotkeys are a personal preference. Some players use an MMO mouse with almost everything on the mouse and only a few on the keyboard. Other players use the keyboard for almost everything and don't use the mouse much for rotation abilities. I would recommend you display the quick bars you are using at all times rather than switching. There are keybinds to switch the primary bar to other quick bars (bar 2, 3, 4, etc.), but I think that's going to be a lot slower than having direct access. I also like to be able to see all the bars, so I can watch cooldowns of my abilities.

I use 5 quick bars, but not all slots are filled. I shortened Bar 1-4 to 9 keys instead of 12. I use Bar 1 for the core rotation abilities that I'm spamming a lot. They are easy to reach keys. Bar 2 is for offensive utilities (like stuns and interrupts) and less commonly used DPS abilities (like non-spammable AoE abilities). Bar 3 is for defensive utilities (damage reduction) and anything that doesn't fit in Bar 2. Bar 4 is for movement abilities (mounts, speed boosts), energy regen, and transports (e.g. quick travel). Bar 5 is for core rotation abilities that won't fit on Bar 1 (not all combat styles or disciplines use this bar). Remaining slots in Bar 5 and all of Bar 6 are for extra non-combat things like toys, pets, and social abilities.

  • Bar 1 keybinds: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Q, E, F
  • Bar 4 keybinds: ALT+Q, ALT+W, ALT+E, ALT+A, ALT+S, ALT+D, ALT+Z, ALT+X, ALT+C
  • Bar 5 keybinds Mouse 4, Mouse 5, SHIFT+Mouse 4, SHIFT+Mouse 5

Not all keys are used by all of my combat styles. I fill the slots as needed for the rotation.

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