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Remove conversations from ALL Vet Flashpoints


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Conversations  in VM Flashpoints shouldn't exit. Most of the competent players are pressing spacebar through them, some players have broken spacebars and are incapable of pressing spacebar, and then there are the incompetent players who use some kind of excuse of wanting to see the story.

Let's discuss the last group. Trying to see the story in a FP formed with group finder is nonsensical, because the player has no context as to why they are there or what the purpose is. You don't know what lead up to that point, and you don't know where things go after that point, and a lot nowadays are just spoilers anyways. Think about the lazy excuse flashpoints Bioware used to tell their class story, like Battle of Ilum, False Emperor, Tython/Korriban invasion, Depths of Manaan, Battle of Rishi, Blood Hunt, Legacy of the Rakata, Crisis on Umbara, Ruins of Nul, etc. 

Second, if they cared about the story so much, why aren't they doing it? Most of those FPs will be done in your class story as mentioned above. The side stories like Mandalorian Raiders can just be solo'd, but also, the only thing you're missing by pressing spacebar there is "Do you want to murder these people? YES OR NO?" Oh god, you wasted 30 seconds of everyone's time just to watch a cutscene of engineers working while you read that question. 


Last, we know removing dialogue from Vet Flashpoints is possible, because they have already started doing it with the new ones. Take Nathema Conspiracy for example. That FP has a lot of cutscenes, but has ZERO cutscenes when played outside of the story. 







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19 minutes ago, Traceguy said:

Conversations  in VM Flashpoints shouldn't exit.

I disagree with your premise, and thankfully I'm in a guild where we allow people to watch all cut scenes if they so choose.  Not everyone starts off in a story mode flashpoint. Their first time in a flashpoint guilded with us might be a vet FP that we take them to, and they have every right to enjoy the game as much as we did our first time through.

We're not in so much of an impatient rush nor so rude that we can't afford someone time to watch cut scenes.

So nay. I disagree.

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