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Sharpshooter/Marksman need some attention


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Okay, This spec right now is on the verge of being a solid spec IF bioware would give it some needed buffs. I've been running the Differential tacitcal (the one that makes ambush activate and do 20% more DMG on roll) and its really fun, however it's bogged down by the fact that this spec doesn't really do any good Sustained DMG. Don't get me wrong  during that match the biggest hit I got was 90K, compare that to when I tested with Ionic and I got around a 100K Hit. So it can hit those big #'s but too many times in PVP I see ABSORBED When I go for my big Hit Window, I'm not sure is this is because of Poor Scaling Bioware did with this spec, or poor Bolstering, or both. 

The other thing this spec is poor at as with its sister specs is no recovery, The amount of times I could've won a 1v1 if I had roll heal is numerous. Again I get that bioware wanted this spec to be in the back supporting the team but surprise 98% of the time you are on your own.

All Bioware would have to do is

-Buff DMG Straight across the board

-Add 10% roll heal and 1% heal in cover back. 

If we want to talk PVE, Than the Agitating Energies tactical should receive a buff as well

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Bioware's treatment of our class feels like a painful disregard. It's evident that their primary focus centers around the iconic Sith and Jedi classes within the Star Wars universe, relegating the rest of us to a secondary status. The mere thought of one of these secondary classes surpassing the prominence of the Sith and Jedi seems to be a distant dream.
One of the most significant aspects of this is the complete lack of survivability and DPS. In other MMO games like this, snipers/hunters have bog potential, consistently delivering huge DPS while ensuring their own survival. They also possess traps, stuns, and other cool sh*t.
Here, our favorite specialization feels dismal, as if we're armed with a water pistol rather than a powerful sniper rifle. We struggle not only with our DPS but also with a lack of survival. Other classes have become quite tanky, easily overpowering snipers, and we stand no chance against the sorcerers and juggernauts, who in other MMOs would cower in the face of a sniper/Hunter.
The stark contrast between snipers in this game and roles they play in other MMOs is disheartening and very frustrating.
Thank you, Bioware!

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