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Life Day Things?


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Are there any decent Life Day items this time around, anything new? Did they add any new Life Day quests?


If you look on your achievements you will see they added Wookie hugging for an achievment. I can't remember the number of wookies you have to hug but you will get a title if you do the final amount.



To hug a wookie, you must stand directly in front of him, facing him (go to Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet). Once you are in the exact spot, a temporary ability will show up on your temporary abilities bar. It's really finicky though.



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Is the Vectron Joy new this year? I found I didn't have it and I thought I bought all I could last year...

I like it a lot


Also, the Wookie hugging achievement has a Daily mission (hugging 10) and the final achievement for it grants a title Wookie Hugging Champion or something, for hugging 1000.

There is one on fleet that I saw, a bunch in the Promenade of Nar Shaddaa, and a bunch around the Mek-sha cantina.


The hugging is indeed finicky (it seems to be more finicky on some than others, it's not uniform from what I saw hugging 68 last night). I found that clicking on them and being around the little green arrow on their target reticle works most of the time, and a little moving around that spot may be needed. There were two wookies that kept glitching out on Mek-Sha (the last two to the East) where the temporary ability would keep falling off after half a second, and I had to be both in the correct spot and hit it REALLY FAST to get it. Didn't see any other glitches like that for the others in the galaxy


If any dev is reading this--can the hugging animation be given to us for use on companions? I like the animation and I'd bet many people would be overjoyed at being able to use it with their companions...

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No, nothing new from the vendor, same as last year, which is dissapointing, as in other years, they released previous stuff, but i guess they want to keep everyone buying cartel coins to keep buying the bundles instead. Edited by DarkTergon
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I looked around and couldn't find a Life Day cap anywhere. (A Yuletide red and white stocking cap).

So, devs, get on it! We need a life day cap in the CM. (To go with the Festive outfits.)


the closest thing to a festival cap is the shamans hat, which when put with the life day top makes you 'Festive' A few Santa's around fleet have been wearing it

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