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Is flat damage or surge more important?


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Basically on my sent I could have about 4150 damage or start putting in augments to get higher crit, alac, ect.

Crit seems to hit a massive dr when you break 70% though, would it be better to lower that damage below 4k to get 73% surge or keep it at 70 or less??

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You could of just said you have no idea and are a role-player.

I actually am pretty interested in and knowledgeable about gearing for PVP in this game and have politely posted advice about stats and gearing in some of your previous threads and other people have done the same.


The ideal crit value range has literally been answered more than once (myself being one of the people answering) in at least one of your past threads.


p.s. it's about ~1750

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The quantitative side of this question is probably doccumented somwhere but I can add some commentary around the qualitative side.


There are two types of dps roles:


1,) Pressure

2.) Burst


Both are valid and both have their place, but in order to be successful they have to contribute differently. For example, in terms of raw dps, if a burst spec is outdpsing a pressure spec in a relatively similar situation, the pressure spec has failed miserably.


If you are playing as a pressure class, you probably want to favor flat damage over crit. This is a broad statement and may be subject to debate for classes like snipers that have energy regen bonuses off of crit. But at the highest level, you goal as a pressure spec is to whittle down the enemy with pure, overwhelming dps over a longer period of time.


If you are playing a burst spec, your goal should be to stack more crit and surge. You will mostly get kills from surprising the enemy in burst windows rather than sheer dps.

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I like how any questions about gearing or stats is met with silence...


Lots of those people with the knowledge are pissed off with Bioware and are taking a break from the game till they fix the CXP gearing issues. Which means they aren't frequenting the forums or have such apathy to the game they just don't care anymore.


I'm sure if you did some searches in google you would get links in the forums that deal with your question. There are also links to reddit and other third party sites.


Also keep in mind that there are probably only 10-20 people even active in the pvp section of the forums these day. That is how many people have left the game. So you do need to give those small number of people time to visit the forums to even see your post. Gone are the days where there are 30-50 people watching the forums 24 hours a day.


It might have been better if you had posted you question in the general section as they have a lot more active posters.


I will finish by saying, being rude is not going to help your cause because people won't help you.

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