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SWTOR Mobile Security Key app for Windows Phone 7?


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I see from:




that the Mobile Security Key is currently available for iOS and Android devices and that you plan to have BlackBerry support in the near future.


I was wondering if you are also planning on having a Mobile Security Key app for Windows Phone 7 devices as well.


Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Am I really the only one with a Windows Phone 7 that plays SWTOR? ;)


No. There have been more than a few threads about this over the last few weeks. BioWare has made no comment on it, but I'm sure they'll make one available if it's deemed to be cost effective for them.


But trust me when I tell you that you don't want to use it right now anyway. You can't take it off without customer service intervention, plus, once you remove it, there's no way to get it back on again. The security key will be better once they improve the implementation.



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