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Video: First flight on new server :)


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Was a nice match. Two things tho.

Your fricking damned Pods!!!!! They exist. In the first minuttes of the game I spoted at least 4 times you should have fired one or two... And the joust you did with a BLC that ended up with your death? You could have done way better by using them.

Second.. That one is more of a personnal grip than anything else 'cause it will never matter with RFL.. But can drain your weapon fast with Quad. Stop firing when ther eis nothing. Fire only when you have some chance to hit.


Otherwise... it was a nice match, rather balanced.

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Well, I don't like pods, rarely use them (mostly on stock ship, like in this vid...), so I lack a little skill with them... working on it, but I am slow (persistent though) learner.

Jousting against blc is a bad habit I know (again, dont play much on stockies...). However, at later levels it works quite well with EMP+DF+RI combo :)

And I fire more efficiently with other lasers; with rapids though... a chance for accidental hit is pretty good - and energy drain does not matter much.; By the way, for sat humping (war of attition...) RFL can be quite good because you does not have to stop firing so often... chance hits are preventing shield from regenerating.


Hey watched your video, looked like a fun game.


Are you looking for feedback on your play? I didn't wanna just do that if it isn't what you're looking for.


Let me know! :)


It WAS really fun game :) Posted it mostly just for watching (well... a little to brag about, did you see that last minute save on A? :D )

Also, more seriously - for those who are saying that a stock ship can do nothing. I wasn't best of the players involved, but I can say I have contributed for our victory...


PS. However, feedback is always welcome. It is good to know what mistakes I am doing ...

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Alright well for feedback its not that much. :)


Ryuku mentioned the Rocket pods which you will probably want to use more of in the future.


I'd the most important thing is to calm down while you're on the node. I found you seemed to boost blind a lot, take that extra half second to look where you're going and you will fly into stuff a lot less.


You're power management for the most part was really good, I would however swap out of power to shields once you take a bit of damage because one the extra max shields go down power to shields does nothing for you until you start regenerating. I found you might be using power to shields a bit too much.


Oh and for the love of god get rid of slicers loop. :p


That's about all I can remember it was some pretty solid flying.

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