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  1. Oh Well.. I should read my tooltips better then.
  2. I'm pretty sure it was 0 from 5.0 to 5.3
  3. They raised Harpoon minimum range back to 10m which makes the ability a bit harder to use as an auto-attack replacement for Pull and Pummel. Still doesn't change a thing, but you have to make sure to leave a GCD in between Harpoon and Stockstrike/Shockstrike. Tanks can no longer use it though.
  4. I'll likely sound like an ******e here... But here we go. 2.5. November/December 2013. GSF Pre-access. 2.6. February 4th 2014. GSF Launch. Bombers are added to the game. 2.7. April 8th 2014. Last ships and map added to the game. 3.0. December 2nd 2014. The patch broke some stuff in GSF, took us two months to get fixes.. Some of the stuff is still broken (Sabotage Probe T5 slow upgrade break the whole probe) May 28th 2015. Alex Modny post on the GSF forum to get idea for buffing strikes and balancing the game. June 1st 2015. Second and last post of Alex Modny on the thread. No discussion. Just an empty thank you. April 8th 2016. 1010 posts later, the thread finally die. How many of the suggestion some of the veteerans took hours to imagine and discuss were even planned? None. You want idea to balance the game? Go to that thread.. Read Verain's, Drakolich's or even my posts. Don't start another thread you will likely ignore. We gave you tons of idea and feedback. You never even considered it. Eric. You are a community manager. You don't make the choices. But don't consider us stupid. Just the first 200 posts are full of stuff that could be used. The meta hasn't changed in 3.5 years. Everything you will find is still true. Just bother to actually read it. Here is a veteran's sincere opinion of your post.
  5. Great.. Finally someone playing my game Ok. So during that phase, everything is coming in various direction. No AoE at all. Your numbers are sound. 9319 DPS is the bare minimum a 242 geared player of any spec should be able to reach. You proved something great here... The combat team seems to know how to balance around a target DPS.. But they seemingly forgot to up that target DPS enough to be good against the NiM bosses. 9319 is still below what the optimal Lightning Sorc can pull out (in 248, Bant's average goes to 9325 and it readily low ball how strong Polarity Shift and alacrity is).. But way too close to be comfortable bringing one in the raid. This means Lightning, Marksman and the new Arsenal (now that they are all around the same range) would need a small DPS increase.. Maybe 200 DPS. Or maybe are burst specs not intended for NiM raiding at all? IO, Virulence/Engineering and the buffed Madness would all reach high enough in 248 to pass that check readily. This also raise another question. Is it intended to need top gear to clear NiM in low parsing spec? When progression gearing was a thing, reaching high enough gear was mandatory before attempting last bosses.. But now, with GC... Getting top gear seems even harder than back then. EDIT: And we both forgot to account for Swirling Orbs.. The amount of damage they do should bring down the DPS needed by enough to make the check a bit looser.
  6. Give me a phase. The actual damage needed to be done during that phase. And the maximum duration the phase can last before causing a wipe. ([Total Damage To Do]/[Time To Do It]) / 4.6 = [Minimal DPS Needed From Each DPS] No spec parses under 8.5k in 242. Assuming 7k DPS needed to clear a fight being doable during an actual burn phase (not over the course of the fight) is a good guess. I'm also lowballing it. In my burst estimates, I assumes no OCD, 1 GCD of set up at most and bad crits. Give Recklessness and Polarity Shift along the set up time needed to get all the stacks built up and Lightning's burst goes up to 15-16k for 2.5-3s depending on alacrity. In 242? Only 1 spec breaks 11k. Lethality. My maths are done on 242 to assume a progression setting with suboptimal gear. About 4 more specs breaks 10k (Virulence, Engineering, IO, Concealment). You will notice most of them are called out for nerfs. Also, Carnage burst over 3s (full Ferocity window under Berserk) reaches about 13-16k. Not really as high as you make it out to be. How you balance with such a spread? By making sure the actual fights lower the higher DPS. It's not perfect. But as long as any fight can be cleared by the lowest parsing DPS pulling its quarter of the damage... The spread isn't a problem. And meaningful is a matter of perspective. A 60% DPS for someone able to reach 95% is laughable. But a 80% DPS check for someone barely reaching 60% is pretty darn meaningful. The meaningfulness of DPS checks is more a decision of game design than anything else. How much of the player base should be able to clear the content.
  7. First, since the combat team is merely balancing DPS, I'm calculating DPS check and if they are doable. Nothing more. So I assume 4 of the lowest parsing DPS played pretty well. I'm not considering heal check in a burn phase.. So you are right, having 4 sorcs on a raid damage heavy fight may very well spell doom. But I'm saying having one sorc on a team will not bring the team down.. Every spec can pull more than their own weight in any ops. I just do maths. I prove a spec has the numbers to complete any fight. I don't consider raid composition. I just calculate the minimal DPS to clear a specific phase and judge if a spec can meat that requirement. Second, which phase do you want? Styrak final burn? A Chained Manifestation burn?
  8. I'm tired of all the subjective whining to nerfs or lack of buffs to some specs. The combat team stated their objective for this round of change and, guess what, it makes sense. We are only missing one crucial data point: the expected DPS needed to complete NiM fights. Everything else is clear and easy to see. Note: All maths will assume 242 unless stated otherwise. The stated goal A 10% damage differential between the highest and the lowest parsing spec is good. Is it flawed? Maybe. But that's not the point here. People are whining their class gets nerfed or isn't getting buffed. Lightning and Marksman Corruption Arsenal Innovative Ordnance Virulence As you could see, the nerfs are warranted and balanced. Their target DPS is not too low. The combat team may be rather clueless on how to balance PvP, but they can actually balance numbers well when they put their mind to it. After the nerfs we know: Engineering is in need of a severe nerf; Vengeance do need a small buff. Hatred and Madness have been brought up. Madness still needs a rotation overhaul but that's neither here nor there. Concealment sheer DPS is over-performing by a wide margin if you don't use the standard fixed rotation but instead try to remove as many Veiled Strike as possible and optimizing Hiolotraverse TA grant (I calculated it could reach well over 10k DPS if done properly during the beta of 5.0 with datamined information). Lethality is also head and shoulder above every single spec with a DPS well able to break 11.5k in 242 If you optimize your Shiv usage and your Holotraverse usage. It also can sustain DoTs on up to 3 targets with slight modifications to the rotation. TL;DR Nerfs are warranted. Low parsing specs are in their place for a reason and everything is clearable with the lowest parsing spec you have. If you can prove me wrong with maths.. Please apply this simple formula to the total damage that must be done during a single target phase: ([Total Damage] / [Time]) / 4.6 >= 8000 * 0.8. If the answer isn't true, you won't prove me wrong.
  9. Bah.... Sniper got so much soft control I don't see it as bad.. And sniper is the only class able to completely control an Assassin during resilience.
  10. Yeah..... It's been that way since 3.0... Nah... With proper mobility, you can get out in 1.5-2.0s... It's more than enough to have some time without the AoE up. A nice thing could be making the slow a stacking one... It lasts 1.5s and goes from 40% to 75% during the first 3s... This would make it getting out in the first few seconds easier then you'd be stuck afterward.
  11. Due to mobility... and stuff I'd aim for a middle ground.. 9s is too much, but 0 is not better.. maybe a 4.5-5s CD would be best?
  12. You have about one GCD and a half between the application and the detonation assuming you already had a poison on the target.
  13. You ought to read and understand the difference between "miss" and "dodge" and "parry" and "resist".
  14. Very good point.... I overlooked it.... It has now been added.
  15. Ok.... I've been following this thread for **** and giggle but it's now getting old. I do not want to argue about the validity of using accuracy in PvP. I'll merely present facts testing, theorycrafting and skimming through datamined data allowed me to learn. Before even starting, we have to define three things. Rating: The rating is the defense rating stacked from gear, only affect melee and ranged defense (see Stats for more) Effects: The effects are all passives, buffs and abilities providing you with a set amount out defense Stats: baseline (0%, 5% or 10% depending on the class and mrft) + rating (if melee/ranged) + sum(effects) There are three ways to name defense-like effects in the game. Defense: affects every single attack Melee and Ranged Defense: affects only melee and ranged attacks Resist: affects only force and tech attacks This point is very important. If it is not understood, read again. There is no exception to the rule. If you can think of one, I can guarantee you it is not an actual defense-like effect. Note that defense-like effects state clearly how much they will modify the actual stats. People are talking about average defense across classes. Without counting actual defensive cooldowns, lets look at all specs and their effects with enough uptime to be considered: Shield Tech: 9% MR Defense Advanced Prototype: 8% MR Defense Bodyguard: 7% MR Defense Concealment: 7% MR Defense Snipers: 5% Melee Defense, 25% Ranged Defense when in cover Inquisitors: 10% MR Defense Darkness: 16% MR Defense, 2% FT Defense Carnage: 5% MR Defense going up to 11% during Frenzied Sabers Fury: 5% MR Defense, 0% FT Defense going up to 15%, 10% during Furious Defense Immortal: 13-19% MR Defense, 5-11% FT Defense depending on procs Thus, out of 24 specs, more than half of them have over 5% MR defense and 3 of them even have some FT defense. Now that it is understood. The game rolls accuracy and defense in one very simple formula: hit = random(0, 1) < accuracy - defense It's that simple. Noting more fancy..... It doesn't matter if the game calls "miss" or "parry" or "dodge" or "resist". The result is the same, your hit was false. Well actually that's not exactly true. While there is no mechanical difference between the "miss", "parry", "dodge" and "resist" the game throws out in fly text, all of these are derived from the above formula and not relevant to any discussion related to the chance to hit something. The actual difference in these fly texts doesn't matter because you simply don't care what caused the "not-hit" (I don't wanna call it a "miss" to avoid confusion). The only ratio that matters is hit vs "not-hit". Nothing more. If you want more information about mechanics, there are various posts from Bant, KBN and Dipstick explaining how the hit roll works. If you ask question about what I mean in this post, I'll answer but I won't start explaining my opinion here. My post isn't an opinion on the subject, it merely is a bunch of fact anyone could use to fuel a debate on the subject.
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