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☢☢☢ 3.0+ Bastion Server PVE Progression Thread ☢☢☢


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What no love for your pub side ?




<Ready Check>


Sparky 8m HM


Bulo 8m HM


Torque 8m HM



Malaphar 8m HM


Sword 8m HM


Underlurker 8m HM


Commanders 8m HM


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Paradigm with the YUNG revan hm kill. GG


Paradigm -> Revan


Finally. http://imgur.com/VOKadj9


edit: here's the actual achievement, accidentally clicked flesh's story mode achievement.



Video: Cut off halfway due to OBS crashing, sorry about that I can link the video leading up to the crash if you need.



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Interdictor 8m downed

earlier this evening.


We've, sadly, been neglecting this thread, even though we've been hard at work on this tier of content. currently we are 7/10 Hard Mode. Kill videos available as proof: for

, and


Don't have videos for Sparky, Malaphar or Bulo Hard Mode, but we clear them every week and obviously have to have them cleared before getting any of the kills above.

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Unfortunately I don't think monolith counts at progression. Or does it? I don't remember, did TC get recorded on progression threads?


Golden Fury was tracked of when it was current content--TFB/S&V--and gave competitive loot, but I think those were the days before Stipp took over as thread master.

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Whatever the community wants is fine by me. I wasn't planning on tracking it because there's no real progression to it. It's either dead or not dead, no gradual clearing of bosses. But like I said I will add it if everyone wants it.
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