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  1. <No Slack> took down 16m commanders HM tonight. http://imgur.com/NhCNBNd
  2. <No Slack> Commanders 8m HM kill. http://imgur.com/w0hKh5H
  3. Looking for 2 more bodies, 1 healer(preferable) and 1 rDPS(mDPS can work). Do a /who slack and find any No Slack member to get an invite or apply at http://www.no-slack.enjin.com
  4. Is your guild falling apart and moving servers and you don't wish to? <No Slack> is looking for 2 more healers for our 16m group. You can apply at our website http://www.no-slack.enjin.com or /who slack in game and ask for an invite.
  5. Looking for 2 more healers still. If you're interested head over to http://www.no-slack.enjin.com and fill out an application or /who slack in game and ask for an invite.
  6. Still looking for a couple of healers and/or dps who want to join 16m HM.
  7. <No Slack> 16m HM Progression team is looking for a few new bodies. We currently have openings for 2 healers and 1 dps. We are 2/5 16m HM Ravagers and 3/5 HM ToS. We currently raid Wednesday and Thursday 7:30-10:30PM PST. You can look for any No Slack member for an invite or you can apply at our website http://www.no-slack.enjin.com.
  8. 5/10 16m HM group looking for 2 healers and 1 rDPS. Look for any <No Slack> member or visit no-slack.enjin.com to apply.
  9. <No Slack> got 2 more 16m HM kills. Took down Squadron and Underlurker tonight. http://no-slack.enjin.com/swtorgallery/m/22105520/detail/221763#pid=2284819 http://no-slack.enjin.com/swtorgallery/m/22105520/detail/221763#pid=2284866
  10. We are currently looking for 2 healers and 1 rDPS to join our 16m HM progression group.We are 5/10 on 16m HM with just taking down SS and UL recently. We run Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30pm. Can apply via the website http://www.no-slack.enjin.com or find any No Slack member to join.
  11. No Slack - 16m Bulo HM http://i.imgur.com/z32M56F.jpg
  12. No Slack - 8m HM Underlurker http://files.enjin.com.s3.amazonaws.com/694526/module_gallery/original/2259529.jpg
  13. They are aware of it and trying to get it fixed by 3.1.1. Here is what was in the dev tracker. Virulence Sniper's "Laze Target" still broken? | 02.10.2015, 10:36 PM This is bugged! I have notified the combat team, and they're going to see if they can get it fixed for 3.1.1 (no promises!)
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