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Why is there no Legacy Storage Sorting?


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While this is a necro, this is something worthy of Necroing. I agree that there both needs to be more sorting options, and the ability to sort your Legacy Storage bank. Also there needs to be options for your Crew Skill Gathering Results to go into your Legacy Storage or Cargo Hold. I'm tired of mats clogging up my inventory and taking up space. Or, i'd like a separate Crew Skills tab in my inventory that can hold an infinite amount of mats (in a form like Comms).
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Can we PLEASE have this?

And while you are at it would you please add the ability to do something silly like....




Since you won't auto-stack mats, it would make it a lot easier to do it manually if they were side by side.





Alphabetically, along with the sorting by mat grade level, too.

I hope KOTFE drops this nice present in our laps in a week from now! :D

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Crap, take a 7-year break from the game and STILL no Legacy Storage Sort? (to be fair, there were no legacy storage options, or strongholds for that matter in 2011/2012...)


Still, I suppose seeing how this question has been asked, begged, and yelled for the last several YEARS, it's a sure bet it ain't gonna happen. Not when there are re-skins and cartel store items to sell...

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