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You may have heard of us, if not, allow me to share.


We are 70+ active players who enjoy playing all aspects of this game with like-minded players. We are heavily involved in conquest, organized top level raiding almost every day of the week, play lots of PVP on all levels and ranked PvP competitively. We've stood the test of time, founded in 2003. WOOK has attendance at virtually every domestic Cantina Event, say hello if you see us, you'll find us in our guild T-shirts!


We are always accepting players of all levels whom we value more for their one-liners and willingness to try something new, than their numbers up on a scoreboard. We've found that if you focus on friendship and cooperative play first, the rest of the game takes care of itself; visit Alderaan and see we conquered...errrr liberated it!




If this sounds like something you're interested in come check us out at http://www.wookieeroar.com

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Thanks for posting Klaw -

Wook is a collection of talented players of all levels, but most importantly, its a fun group of people from all walks of life and from around the globe. We tend to be a little insular due to the fact that we have such strength of community, so I for one appreciate posts like yours.


Wook maintains an open guild application policy within the Shadowlands server population. We have a steady flow of applications, and few are rejected outright. Once accepted, its a matter of getting into Team Speak and getting to know people to see if a complementary fit exists. Those that have the same goals that Wook has (1. having fun; 2. having fun while allowing those those in proximity to you to have fun; 3. being a productive member with an ethics toward the micro and macro community) are the players that tend to make Wook Guild their home.


And in this way the Wook community continues to grow qualitatively.


Welcome to all of the newest recuits since Strongholds went live! We've had fun liberating Alderaan. Be sure to make your presence known in Team Speak - again, its the best way to get with the flow of things. Oh, and be sure to ask an officer how you can help obtain Dark Projects for your walker mounts!

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What timezone are you?


We have members in England to Japan, so we have players on just about any time. The majority of our players play during east coast prime times though. The second highest would be during the west coast prime times.

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What it takes to beat Wook:


Currently, Triumph is comprised of talents from:

  • Infinite Darkness
  • Mexican Cleaning Ladies (merger)
  • Eternal (merger)
  • Remnants of the Jedi (merger)
  • omgPink (merger)
  • Outlaw Den's Chosen (merger)
  • Reading Rainbow (pub side alts of the imp guild)
  • Forge (pub side alts of the imp guild)
  • Many many other talented individuals


Our hats are off in respect to the victor of The Battle for Taris



But I'm proud as hell of what we accomplished in-house, ladies and gents!


Join the team - app up at wookieeroar.com

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