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[Bug] Sentinel Transcendence Talent


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I don't see a bug report forum so I am just posting this here:


A talent in the focus tree refunds 10 centering back when transcendence fades.


Problem is, when it fades, it provides 10 centering back PER PERSON that had it.


While questing with a buddy of mine I noticed I got back 30 centering when transcendence ends and so I just kept our little sprint up to speed things up but then when I was too far from him to benefit and it fell off I only got 20 centering. 2 10's from my companion and myself.


Fairly certain this is not intended...

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prolly not a big deal for them seeing how good players do not play focus.


Except for those team oriented ones with a shadow in thier party who can constantly burst run + that classes burst run + CC immunity. I mean thats not crazy or anything :rolleyes:


Edit: forgot to left out the "in huttball" part

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