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Speeder between taxi and Toborro's Courtyard


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For many of us doing the weekly Toborro's are already level 55 and pretty well geared, fighting the mobs between the taxi and the courtyard is hardly a challenge and is really just an annoyance, especially with the high desnity of poitnless mobs to fight along the way.


So why not put a speeder option for players when getting of the taxi from skyhook at Makeb, that would take them to the courtyard? It would really be a nice thing to do, and a courtesy for all players participating on TC since often the are arriving at differnet times, and re-sapwn rate is so high, that all of them wind up fighting their and ignoring the pointless to kill mobs, thus allowing the 8 or 16 person team to gather more efficiently and have fun, instead of the boring wait for players to eventually get there.


Thank you



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There is a simple route on your speeder that pretty much nothing bothers you in. You also need to make sure Pilot 3 is unlocked.


I haven't had to fight a single enemy going to TC since....ages ago. I don't see what the problem is.

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