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  1. Patch notes. http://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/
  2. I had the same issue as the OP when I got a new phone recently. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my phone worked for me. Guessing it bugged out because I originally copied the app from my old phone to my new one.
  3. This has been asked many times before, and a quick search here will lead you to further discussions. Here are the two most obvious reasons: would require many more animations for all the abilities with the new weapons removes some of the uniqueness of each class
  4. Nope. Been asked multiple times, and it was on the original posting about the boost-to-60 characters.
  5. I would guess this was unintended. If you haven't already, you should post this as a bug as well.
  6. Why is everyone in such a rush to max it out? Maybe just PLAY THE GAME, and let it increase naturally. If they had made it lower, people would complain it's too low. There really is no pleasing some people.
  7. Basically what I do as well. Haven't played consistently since just after SoR. Didn't even do full runs of either Op, after completing all previous Ops at all difficulties. Started playing a bit here and there again during 12x XP, but KotFE and 4.0 changes have me excited to start playing again.
  8. Kind of answered your own question, didn't you? Good news is, you'll be ready to hit 61 next week.
  9. I keep seeing all these people complaining about level sync, a system they have not yet even tried out for themselves yet, but I still haven't seen any REASONS why they don't like the change. Until I read something different, my assumption is that they're mad they can't go gank lowbies anymore. (which, by the way, they'll still probably be able to do if they're 3-5 levels of stats above them anyway.)
  10. Sorry if this has already been asked and answered, but I honestly didn't feel like reading through 9 pages of posts. Are there any changes to lockouts, or does it remain as it is now, (each operations boss once per week per character)?
  11. If you wait until level 50 before you start doing the missions, it can be very difficult to get the hang of. The best way would be to start a new character, and start them as soon as you get your ship. This way allows you to build up your comms as well, rather than trying to earn them all from level 50+ missions. As someone else stated, the power converter is the main thing you have to get the hang of. Also, learn to destroy most things without missiles. Only use them when you have to. Should be plenty of missiles to get through most missions at each level.
  12. I'm sure they appreciate the response, 3 years later...
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