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Will the virus be inactivated after reset?


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What is this "inactivated" of which you speak? Is that Dutch or something?





past tense: inactivated; past participle: inactivated


make inactive or inoperative.

"household bleach does not inactivate the virus"

synonyms: disable, deactivate, render inactive, make inoperative, prevent from working, halt, stop, immobilize; More


What is English?


But yeah I think it can't be spread anymore so eventually dies out as a result.

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Yup. Just like last time. Everyone not infected will be immune. Those infected will either go through the stages and blow up or take a header off of the VIP area when they hit stage 2 or.. vaccinate themselves. Once it is gone you won't get it back until the next Rak event of course.


Last time I ran through it with several alts and left some alts infected for quite sometime because I didn't play them much. 6 months later, I blew up while checking cargo which surprised me as well as many others in the area. lol

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