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  1. I think that the 9 years since EV launched might have led to you forgetting that EV was mostly hard because Soa was the lord of the INVISIBLE LIGHTNING BALLS. Remember that bug? My first Infernal was when he was still bugged
  2. You play all classes except healers? You're going 1 tactical for your dps and 1 for your tanks. I guess we're lucky they're BoL /sarcasm
  3. Every other event has BoL gear. I feel like this was a mistake and they meant to make the gear BoL.
  4. Bug is if there's a patch between Chapter 1 of KOTFE and Chapter 9 of KOTFE. Nothing else matters.
  5. Just copy what they do in the video. And when I say copy, I MEAN COPY.
  6. Eh, Iokath and Oricon are 2 different cases. I agree that Iokath should have had an option like Yavin 4 (Ops or x8 missions), but Oricon really misses the mark if you don't make it an Operation. The thing is that the Dread Masters were tied to every Operation in SWTOR. The bombing run to free them freed Soa (EV), they drove Karagga insane (KP), they corrupted Kephess (EC), they opened the door to Cthulu (TFB), it was one of them at the end of (SV), and DF/DP are their climax. The Dread Masters are still my favourite storyline in SWTOR. And to some extent the game really did peak with DP. But I 100% agree about Iokath. Also, I just finished soloing the Dantooine heroics. It's tough, but you can do it so there's no reason to claim Dantooine is impossible solo.
  7. HK-51 Statement: The return of assassinate is welcome meatbag.
  8. You can't stop being a Darth, it's more than a mere rank it's a quasi-religious title. You are no longer the Head of a Sith Sphere/Pyramid, but you are still a Darth. In fact, some imperials do occasionally refer to you as Darth.
  9. You're supposed to do Iokath/Nathema --> Ossus and then Hearts and Minds. Basically you skipped content.
  10. On that note, why are the items from the Legacy Rep vendor BoP instead of BoL?
  11. IMHO we met the DMs on Belsavis (imperial) and they caused the KP operation, and the Dread Seed storyline, and EC, and TFB, and SV, and DF/DP. I'd say they've been one of the primary enemies of 1.0 and 2.0. So I wouldn't call them a side storyline. But other than that, yeah full agreement.
  12. 100% Galactic Starfighter. Judged Dread (specifically the Scare Bear sub-achievement) Some (not all) of the NiM timed achievements, NiM EC/TFB is much easier than say NiM DF (Brontes is a tough dps check).
  13. She tends to stun you more if you run TOO far. I don't know the specific distance, but basically if you're 50m away she's going to go a bit crazy.
  14. Yes, Nal is an adjective in Huttese.
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