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Developer Update: Gunship Class Starfighter


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Enemies are hit with instant panic when they see a Gunship charging up her railgun.
This is so true. Initial reaction of people hit by a railgun is spaceboost away. Unless he finds a good hiding spot, expect a second final shot from the gunship :rolleyes:
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i am one of those players that want a challenge so this will probably be my ship of choice. I hope the ability to escape is as good as u say for this ship because it will be hard to shake small ships especially if u can drift like jtl. missle lock beetter be quick too.
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my question is are we going to be using fleet tokens for this update or can i just waste them on junk?
Last weekend it was available for 2500 Fleet Reqs on the PTS but it has been removed since, so its anybodies guess when and how it will be obtainable on live.


Will the Gunship have access to normal blaster cannons as well, or just Railguns? No matter what, though, sounds like a lot of fun!
Its equiped with normal blasters as well. You're basically trading missiles for railguns.


Spontaneous thoughs upon reading the Gunship's description :


"Gunship = Sniper = OP"


Uh, and the designer doesn't even tell me how to fight this beast ?


The only option one has is to hit it while it is in its "sitting duck" firing mode ...

You are not wrong about opness Skilled players with Gunships do very, very well on the PTS atm, getting many kills fairly easily. The are some who say its somewhat overpowered.

But you can fight and defeat it.

The biggest problem is to spot the damn thing, especially if it uses sensor dampening. So use a sensor augmented Scout against them. If you spot one, try to sneak up on it as fast as possible, surprising the opponent when he is busy sniping someone else. Use your speed to your advantage by going in for a zero/zero intercept at maximum velocity. Dont open up to soon or light it up with missiles. Just blast the damn thing at midrange with rapid laser canons and rocket pods. Its hard to kill in completely in one pass since it has strong shields but your turnrate is much better and it cant run away from you either. Just remain close, if he gets some distance between you and him you will end up eating a railgun shot.

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Sounds overpowered. :/

It really isn't. It has pretty awful maneuverability, and very limited defenses at close range. Without support, it's dead meat. Even with maxed Dampening, you can see it from half a map away with their "IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZOR" ion cloud. The tricky part is closing in on them, but it's very hard to hit a spiralling ship approaching you with engine boost.


Of course, if they have someone else protecting them against close-range attacks, but that's an entirely different story.

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After playing starfighter i really enjoy the pvp but the gunship is by far the worst ship. I think a ship that can just sit their one shotting others is not a fun class and is game breaking. This needs to be balanced out!
I'm not sure you understand what "balance" means.

It does not mean, "Gunships keep killing me so they are unbalanced. Nerf them!"


Powerful offense + Powerful defense = Unbalanced

Powerful offense + Weak defense = Balanced.


The gunship falls into the latter category.


If you just let them sit there and snipe you for the whole round, yeah, you're gonna take a pretty serious beatdown but if you actually go after them, it's fairly easy to take them out of the fight because even if they do somehow manage to keep evading you, they can't really contribute to the battle while they're running.

In most cases, the best an undefended gunship can do is to run from you and hope that a teammate comes along to get you off their tail before you blow them up or they crash into a wall because they can't turn fast enough.

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Not trying to be "that guy" but the "slug" rail gun is the only rail gun. An ion cannon is an ion cannon. A plasma cannon is a plasma cannon. A rail gun is two parallel rails (hence the term) each of which generates a magnetic field...accelerating a armature down the barrel.
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