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Smashmonkeys hitting 8-9k...


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I have full pvp gear, I have a pyro powertech, I cant even hit above 7k on my railshot...yet still there are smash monkeys hitting me for 8k maybe 9k..last warzone 2 guardians got over 800k damage (we won the match though)..i got about 400k damage.


And yes, i can do 2 rail shots in a row, but the smash monkeys can just pop their cooldowns and deflect or absorb them or whatever. I however cannot absorb or deflect a smash, because as a powertech i have only 1 defensive cooldown, energy shield....kolto overload only activates if im below 30% health. but that doesnt matter if a smash monkey is hitting me for 9k if im at 32% health or something, not to mention their 5k or 6k dispatch. And its prettyy unlikely im going to rail shot a smash monkey for 7k twice in a row...


I just want to thank bioware for completely ruining the powertech dps class.


inb4 dont like it dont play it

inb4 whiner comments

inb4 learn to play

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Seen Knights and Warriors doing 1 mill damage in warzones. Probably bolster exploit.


I had seen that pre-2.0, so no it's not an exploit.


And, my Merc at lvl 55 with a mix of 61/63 gear and 66 barrels has eclipsed 8K numerous times on Heatseeker Missile crit, not to mention the burst capability now. My Jugg is in mostly 69's with a few 63 mods and such and 66 hitl and is only barely scratching 7500-8000 smashes on NPC's.


Point being, other classes can hit just as hard now, so just let it go.:rolleyes:

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