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BW please respond F2P question


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As a crafter I the sale of my artifact mods/enhancements/armours/hilts/barrels and so on is a steady income for me. what i would like to know is


Will F2P players be able to equip Orange crafted items for free or at a cost?

if for free will they be able to insert artifact parts (sub 50) for free or at a cost?


will they be charged to equip artifat low level (sub 50)ear/implants/offhands? If they are charged to equip low level artifact


If they can equip orange for free but not insert the items it will greatly change the way crafters will put things on the GTN. this will in turn make the price of protoype mods worth more then artifact mods.


Because currently the only prototype gear i put on the GTN is if i have made stuff for my leveling and i crit on them and have left overs. These always sell but i would like to know in advance to prepare myself for the change in the way i manage my market.


Please clarify



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OP your not going to get an answer until the thing goes live. Do they every answer questions? I mean real ones from the people that they want to keep them in business?


Only answers your going to get are the ones you've already gotten from biodrones worried you'll be one of the 2 million that already gave up on getting questions answered.

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