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  1. I've been on these forums since beta, people have been predicting the game will shut down in a matter of months since then.
  2. I'm sure it depends on what kind of player you are. I'm not a soloer. I push to max level as fast as possible and do group content. Really don't have any interest in anything else. From my perspective, the thing that I was disappointed with in WoD was that there was fewer dungeons than usual. Doing group finder around level 98-100 you were stuck doing mostly Skyreach over and over and over. And they didn't really make new exclusive hard modes either. I miss them doing that in swtor too. Older people with families tend to play differently though. We used to play for hours on end through to morning doing the most mundane things like just wander around exploring or killing the same group of mobs over and over just to get rep. We don't have the time energy to do that anymore. We don't have the money to spend on multiple accounts. It's more play a little here, let someone else play a little there, unsub when nothing's going on, move over to another f2p MMO in the meantime.
  3. WoD wasn't a bad expansion. Most people agree that WotLK was the best, and none of the subsequent ones have lived up to it, whether it's fan nostalgia or just the fact that the game isn't getting any younger and neither are its players. I think they've all been equally fun and somewhat disappointing in some aspects. The current MMO model is certainly on the decline - personally, I don't think we're going to have the next big thing until technology steps up a bit more. VR will probably be the real new frontier in RPG gaming, and we need internet that is able to handle large amounts of graphical data lag-free.
  4. Yeah, as a matter of fact, when they launched the game they were expecting 500,000 subs max. They had no idea it would be the most successful MMO by far for 10 years and probably beyond.
  5. I just upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and haven't had any issues with swtor.
  6. People just don't have the time and loyalty to just stay subbed when there's no more planned content, now that the player base is older and there are a ton of other MMO and multiplayer options out there.. They said they're done releasing content until the next expansion, which currently has no release date. Still, 5.6 million subscriptions is quite a lot of steady money coming in. Most likely that once the new xpac is released, it'll jump back up to 8-9 million.
  7. I don't think a single Cantina Q&A has ever revealed anything significant at any point, not sure why anyone expects that to change.
  8. Early access player still here. I have never canceled my subscription, though I did take a break from playing.
  9. I grew up with an Atari 2600 until the NES came out. I loved the old coin-op games in arcades, of course. I miss those.
  10. This makes me feel nostalgic. Almost makes me want sections of Soa's floor to randomly disappear after a wipe and to be unluckily dropped on top of a pile of static balls that were chasing me down before being picked up. (that was probably 1.1 or something I don't remember)
  11. Nautolans and Devaronians I'd say Bothans, but only if they can make them look different enough from Cathar.
  12. Even if they said "starting 3 months from now", anyone who transferred before today would still be in the same boat. Had they announced this a month prior, there would still be people who just happened to transfer just prior to the announcement. So I don't see any point to this complaint.
  13. I'm only confused about what is confusing some people. I haven't seen anything to indicate old content was being removed. What quotes are people getting this from?
  14. https://torcommunity.com/ is getting a lot of nice updates.
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