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I made a clay statuette of my JK.


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Yeah, so I made this before summer and forgot to post it here. UNTIL NOW. This clay statuette/figurine/thing is supposed to depict my Jedi Guardian in SWTOR. :)




And here's what my Guardian looks like in game:




Stunning likeness, right? :o


I might make something else SWTOR related next time I decide to play with clay. Maybe I'll remember to post it, too!

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your forum avatar also look like your clay statue and your character in game :jawa_biggrin:


Hehe, yeah! That's why I chose that avatar. :tran_cool:


Good effort. It has a very stylised look about it that I can't quite place. Perhaps like a tiki. Nevertheless, very cool.


Thank you! :)

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Can I have it? :D


Well, let's ask Darth Vader about that one, shall we? Hey Vader, should I give the statuette away?



Oh, ok Vader. Sorry Azut, no can do. ;)

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I haven't posted anything in... quite a while, because I kinda quit the game for some time. But now I'm back, and since it's Star Wars day today, I made a new tiny sculpture inspired by SWTOR. It's in the spoiler below. And I'll try to make more stuff in the weeks to come. :)


May the 4th be with you!







T7 + May 4th = Good times



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