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If there was a second template for your companions...


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The stable of companions for each class currently follows the following template:

1 Healer, 2 tanks, 2 dps (one of each ranged and melee)


What if there was a second template each group followed?


1 Male light-sided romance option

1 Male dark sided romance option

1 Female light sided romance option

1 Female dark-sided romance option

1 'Mascot'


How would your favorite class' team be different?


For example, the Trooper.

The Trooper currently has:

Aric (male neutral romance option)

Dorne (female, light-sided romance option)

4x (mascot)

vik (non-romance option)

Yuun (non-romance option)


If this template were applied, I could see Aric being written as a harder-edged anything to get the job done type, making him the dark-sided male romance option. Dorne and 4x would remain unchanged. Vik would be rewritten as a female near-human, becoming the female dark-sided romance option. And Yuun would be rewritten as a near-human male, becoming the male light-sided romance option.

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Im happy the way it is, But Adding more into Companion Functions such as Combat abilites would be nice though, For Example, if i want my Healer to be melee instead of Ranged i could use some Thingy to switch his/her weapon profiencies from Blaster to Techblade/Techstaff, or if i say really like one companion but like my other companions attacks better, i could switch some of those powers around
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If we could switch our companions' roles around instead of them being static (allowing us to take along our favorite companion without worrying that they can't tank/heal/DPS), that'd be awesome.


I wouldn't mind non-companion characters hanging out on your ship (like the Rift Alliance or Ivory do), if you could interact with them and maybe even romance them. There's a boatload of NPCs I'd love to see again and hang out with, but the most they do is send you a mail, if that.

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I'd like a system similar to what we had in KotOR2 with our companions, or atleast something similar to WoW and hunter's pets with their own mini talent trees. More customization so we can cater our companions to our personal playstyles and specs.
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The only difference with the sith warrior would be one of the guys have to be good, and vette and jaesa would have to be opposite alignments.


Agents lokin would be the evil one, vector good, kaliyo evil, raina good, scorpio mascot.


Knight T7 mascot, kira good, doc good, make rusk girl evil, and scourge evil.


Dont know others.

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I think being able to switch their roles would certainly be a good idea.


Right now on my imperial agent I find myself using Kaliyo, as I need a tank (Haven't geared Lokin enough to use him as a healer yet) but would much prefer to use either Lokin or Vector (Personality wise I prefer Vector but like Lokin enough to use him for personality).


Also skill trees for companions would be good as well


Being able to affect a companion's personality through decisions would be an interesting concept as well.

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