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Crafting Orange gear augmented......


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i am not sure what to ask since i am already tired of this RNG stuff... but anyway here come my question... Did they nerfed the crit chance for getting augmented orange gear? and yes i do have 10k affection...with my companions...

anyway my question came after crafting yesterday 30-35 items without even 1 single crit... and today after the servers came back online another 20+ items... so that makes it 55+ and no crit... this must be a sick joke but i do not enjoy it...

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I'm seeing a few threads like this and have been experimenting with it myself - 10k affection companion, average of 20 items crafted to get one crit - and I'm really hoping that a 5% crit rate is not intended.


Was hoping to come on here and ask for more data points, but it looks like there's already plenty. Even assuming some exaggeration, i'm starting to think 5% is a high estimate :eek:


Hoping this is a bug that gets looked at. Meanwhile, making sure ALL orange items can be REd will ensure that crafting isn't more of a loss than it already is, and provide more incentive for crafters to attempt to provide Augment-slot gear.

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You're only going to tend to see the 5% of people getting bad streaks on the boards. People getting 5 crits in a row aren't going to tend to come to the boards to gripe about it, so any data sample here is almost always gonna have a negative slant to it.


But yeah, I've gotten 5 crits in a row within the last week or so. Usually on a queue of 5 I'll get 2 crits.


But hey, my family stopped playing Monopoly with me when I was about 8 because I'm too lucky.

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Have had it happen that it took days to get an augmented item, and then i get a couple augments in one go.


I'm still unhappy about ::insert favorite bad word:: not planning ahead people that ruined the orange gear market by dumping orange augmented stuff at 100k and less in the first couple days pretty much giving everyone their augmented gear for nothing, making most crafts pretty useless again.

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I've had pretty good luck so far. (Jaesa, full affection).


Maybe the worst thing was some level 49 pants I crafted for a friend, that took about 10 attempts.

A couple days ago I crit crafted Battlemaster gloves in 2 attempts, and boots in 1 attempt.



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Even assuming some exaggeration, i'm starting to think 5% is a high estimate :eek:

For information on critical success chance, please see the recent Community Q&A:



DarthTexas: Can you give some insight to the numbers behind crafting? What is the baseline crit chance for crafting? How does companion affection affect crit chance? Exactly how much of a boost is +1 or +5 critical chance in crafting? Having the Reverse Engineer % chance is a nice step in removing some of the unknowns in crafting; now we just need the numbers on the creation side to be less ambiguous.


Patrick Malott (Systems Designer): The baseline crit chance for crafting is dependent on the difficulty of the crafting action relative to your current crafting skill level. The difficulty is color coded in the crafting GUI.


Orange Difficulty: 10%


Yellow, Green, and Gray Difficulty: 15%


Companion Affection scales Crew Skill chance up to +5% at maximum affection.


A Companion Trait critical chance bonus of +1 or +5 is a percentage. Example: The Imperial Agent companion character Kaliyo grants a +2 bonus to Underworld Trading Critical. This is +2% bonus.


Using Kaliyo at maximum affection as an example, if she ran a green difficulty Underworld Trading mission for you, she would have a 22% chance to score a mission critical success.


While the Kaliyo example uses a mission, crafting and missions use the same setup. It's worth noting that crit chance is not on a per item basis - orange gear has the same crit chance as everything else. In 1.3, the introduction of Augment Tables should help counteract a string of bad luck on crafting crits.

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