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Unsubbing (you have GOT to be kidding me!)


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You've got 30 days of my free play time to fix it... :p


I apologize in advance, I'm long winded, and this is a bit of a rant.


Patiently waiting, and hoping new and COOLER stuff would come out, I've been playing this game for 2 things, pvp warzones and my party bomb.


I've been around since pre release, so I have a 50 and an almost 50, but I really don't care much for the pve in this game.

I dont find companions very rewarding and I really don't care for running on long treks back and forth and back and forth for quests and rewards.


I feel too much like a delivery girl (a murderous one at that). It's like some dude says, "I want to make a sandwich, please go to the store and get me some bread."

After a long ride in traffic to and from the store, I give him the bread and next he wants some ketchup, so back out to the store I go and return to find out, he needs some cheese, and well you get the point...finally I might get a nice pair of green gloves. And 6000 experience. Yay.



Here, you talk to some people then take 10 minutes to go somewhere to kill 16 mobs and click on a large box, and then another 10 minutes back to turn in. Then it's another 10 to 15 minutes to find the next guy.

Who ever thought this system up in Wow was an idiot, and people that feel it's a good system to carry over in other games are Wow idiots.

Wow...just Wow!

I prefer a straight up grind fest to that system anyday.

Send me after 500 mobs and dont worry about the box!

However, we're not rewarded for grinding here so.


I really couldn't be more ticked off about them deleting my party bomb. I don't know who the guy that decided THAT was a good idea is, but I'd seriously like to run him over in the parking lot!!



As for the pvp changes, if I'm not in a warzone premade group or if my wz pug doesn't include a healer of some kind, I'm going to die...a lot.

I've always stuck around for my pug groups. I'd queue solo most of the time and wouldn't leave my warzone, I'd stick with my group as long as the game didn't straight up boot me! Win or lose.

Even if I lost, I'd still get some compensation wz commies, valor & money.


Now in 1.2, Bioware screwed me!

They made it so I'm penalized strongly for being on the losing side. And way too harshly if I don't get 4 warzone medals. :mad:

Pugging will often amount to 10 minutes of putting up with a terrible loss and absolutely 0 rewards (if you haven’t seen it, it’s 0 warzone commendations, 0 experience, 0 valor 0 credits).

It is tough on many dedicated healers to get 4 medals if your team is rapidly losing because they cant do any real damage and their party isn't racking in kills and objectives.

Then also, it's nearly impossible for some squishy classes (like my gunslinger) to get 4 medals at all in a group without any heals.


If that wasn't bad enough, they took my party bomb away!

I heard some nonsense about how they felt some people didn't want to be forced to dance so they shafted me and didn't just stop the dancing, they killed my party bomb!

That thing took me forever to get and all my friends were green with party bomb envy and just WHAT THE HELL?? Whoever that guy is, tell him he’s a straight up JERK!


Like 5 people are annoyed with this one super fun feature in the game so it's enough to make you decide you don't want this loyal subscriber anymore? And you should know I am not the only person by a long shot that is seriously miffed about this.


Yeah there are 2 new games on the horizon that I'm going to try (no need to mention names as well all know what they are and when they're releasing), one is bound to have recurring monthly player veteran rewards for my recurring monthly player subscription *cough*fail Bioware*cough*.

And you know, at one point I was telling friends, no sorry I might not bother with that game because I'm really into SWTOR right now.


You gave me 30 days free game time. I’m unsubbing today. Fix it, or I’m gone. Done.


And once again to that guy…JERK!!! :eek:

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I think you can blame the flawed PTS selection process for this...only transferring guilds led to a lopsided emphasis on PvE and once that was right, they went live with the changes. Until they allow transfers of level 50 characters to the PTS (individual toons) they're shooting themselves in the foot by not testing content.


Please, dont try to tell me these changes were tested, because they weren't. I read the 1.2 PTS notes day 1 and told everyone I play with "marauders are going to be ridiculous post 1.2." I've yet to be proven wrong.

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Bye. Cya


Ignore this player, he is basically everything that is wrong with this community.


The removal of the party bomb, reallly is strange.


Didnt know who could cast it, but it was really fun to have it up now and then.


Will miss it.


When it comes to pvp, either they change their changes (both the huge imbalance right now and the rewards) or they loose way more people.


I doubt we (the community) will get back the party bomb, but stick around for the pvp reward changes, they are bound to happend in a few days:)


All the best


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So... the only reasons you play are for PvP which is similar to PvP in other games and the ability to force other characters to dance? And you think that WoW's quest system, a mechanic that contributed to them getting MILLIONS of paid subscriptions, many from people who had never played any MMOs previously, is terrible...


Why did you subscribe in the first place? It sounds like you plain don't like the game. In all honesty, I think unsubscribing was the best thing you could do for yourself. You should count yourself lucky, stick your $15 in the bank and move on with life. You're a winner!

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Hello everyone,


While we do appreciate anyone who takes the time to compile constructive feedback for us, we're closing this thread, as we do have a forum for suggestions and many subforums for specific topics. Don't forget that you can also use the In-Game Customer Service Portal to report any issues you encounter!


If you have a specific suggestion or individual piece of feedback, we encourage you to post in the Suggestion Box forum or to make a thread regarding your issue in the relevant subforum.


For discussion specifically regarding PvP, please visit our PvP forums and join discussion in those threads. If you happen to not find a topic you would like to discuss, feel free to create a new thread.


Thank you!

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