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at what approx level does


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Is it fastest to pvp up to that level then go back and run the class quests?


I forgot to do /played when I got to 50 on my alt i lvled mostly through pvp. However the 'feel' is about the same to me, except actually doing pve felt faster but mainly because of turning in multiple quests at one time. A Wz can give anywhere from 5k to 20k xp per match but a match can last 15 minutes. A pve hub can have have 4-5 quests that can reward 10-20k xp, those missions can offer bonuses for 5-10k, plus all the npcs killed during those missions provide xp or double when rested, though may take an hour to do a hub.


I mostly did space everyday (only green, orange, red missions) for xp, then pvp until I hit my valor cap then did class quest until I got to the area for my level, quested until got new level then went back to pvp. Once I got to 47 I then did Belsavis bonus series, then only class quest and pvp until class quest was done, then dailies for the remainder. The last few levels tend to be the longest and I was surprised they felt they flew by fast doing that order.

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