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1.2 Legacy Race Unlock question


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I am currently levelling up a Chiss Bounty Hunter to 50 so that I can make a Chiss Republic character. After 1.2 is released, what would happen if I create my Chiss Republic character then delete my lvl 50 character?


Just wondering.



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Greetings everyone!


Regarding this question, we refer you to our Community Blog Q + A for April 20th, 2012


TheCritter: If I delete a character with Legacy unlocks do I lose those unlocks? For example, if I have a human female Sniper at level 50 with Act 3 completed will I lose the race unlock, Heroic Ability, and class emote for my other characters if I delete her?


Damion: You will keep all unlocks that you have managed to unlock so far


You can read additional responses to the Community Blogs in our latest stickied thread: Weekly Q&A Archive


Additional information regarding Legacy can be found in our Legacy Information section located on the Official Website.


We hope this helps!

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