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Talk about scrappers in this thread.


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Some tips for you:


Choose gear with more cunning, less endurance (I did this while I was leveling up and I never felt like I needed more endurance. Cunning is always the best. It also helps you heal your companion for bigger amounts, which allows you to take down harder enemies more easily)


Stack crit and surge.


While we're a burst class, I don't think our sustained dps is very bad. I do hard mode flashpoints with my friends every couple of days. A fight usually goes like this:


Tank grabs the big guy. I clear out the little ones.

Then I attack the big guy too. After 5 or 6 hits, I can overaggro our tank. So, either my tank friend is very bad at what he's doing (which is unlikely) or my combo sucker punches and backblast are hitting hard enough to get the attention of the enemy. (By the way, my crit is %42 (with Lucky Shots) and Surge is 80%+)


Corso is a good tank.


In operations, when your leader tells you to nuke the boss, you can use Disappearing Act and Shoot First for a good burst.


You don't really need Accuracy. Accuracy doesn't affect tech attacks. It only affects weapon attacks like Flurry of Bolts, Quickshot, Charged Burst etc... Other than those three, all Scoundrel/Scrapper attacks are either tech or bleed, which don't need accuracy as far as I know.


If an enemy pushes you back in a fight, throw a Thermal grenade quickly to maintain your dps as you run back to melee range.


Backblast is still buggy. In some occasions it won't fire from behind the enemy. If that happens, try backblast from sides, not from behind.


If you need several interrupts, start with Distraction, then Dirty Kick, then Flash Grenade, then Distraction again. If you need more, try using a cybertech grenade which knocks the enemy back.


Disappearing Act is buggy too. Sometimes the enemy keeps firing at you even if you disappear and that breaks your stealth. Also, remove dot effects from yourself before you disappear. You can use Triage and Dodge to do that.


Some enemies have so ridicilously good stealth detections that their detection range surpasses their normal range. Imagine you're 35-40 meters away from the enemy. He doesn't see you. You go into stealth and he detects you. When you see an orange circle around your character, it means he is seeing you and gonna attack you very soon. You have very little time to escape and most of my escape attempts have failed so far. And before you ask, Sneak doesn't help.


For PvP, I don't have any advices because I don't pvp at all.


That's all I can think of right now. Sorry for my poor English.

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Scoundrel can do decent damage in end game PVE but is worse then all other DPS classes.


Does not matter how good you are, the best dps classes require but a few button presses so its really easy.

Merc, Commando, Gun slinger, Sniper, Sentinel, maruader, All requires a very simple rotation to perform top dps compared to the scoundrel where you need to work for it.

You must get in sabotage in your rotation to maintain decent damage.


The nerf to shoot first does not affect PVE much, but the nerf to Flechette round affects it ALOT on bosses that have very high armor.


You want to do PVE, run with another class if its DPS you want. Gunslinger/sniper or Commando/Merc is the recomendations I can give for optimal dps.


For PVP: Scoundrels can do rather well but its only if your a very, and I mean..VERY good player. Then you will do well with the scoundrel or operative, since these by far ar the most difficult classes to master and do well with. Prior to the nerf on shoot first it wasnt that hard to get kills.


The class is in need of a sustained damage buff, thats 100% sure. How they will solve it, we need to wait and see.

My suggestion as most are aware of, is to make flying fists from 50 to 100% proc chance with 2 talent points, decrease cooldown from 10 to 3 seconds and possibly add it to underdog or atleast buff the damage by 10-15%..(or stick it to the underdog talent)

Thats all needed to ensure this class have better PVE dps and better PVP dps.

And it wont be overpowered, just turns us more into a boxer, but who does not want to play a boxer that picks up a shotgun once in a while for an "in your face" moment.


I love this class, but it does require a buff.


The reason you pull aggro in PVE is due to very heavy hits, not a steady damage.

If you do a high sustained damage you wont pull aggro, but when you pop very high damage abilities thats when you take aggro.


Final: The class is fun and good, but are the weakest dps class in the game currently.

Only reason it holds reasonable well in PVP is due to stealth and shootfirst together with flechette round. Once you popped that, although its not bad damage, its not even worth comparing to others.

Tanks hits harder then us once we have backblast and shoot first done with.


that or give us back the 20% extra damage on shoot first and 50% arp on flechette, but I dont think thats the solution, especially for those that do pve.

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Scrapper's mostly a pvp tree, but the burst works in PvE (leveled to 50 as scrapper, got really hard in some places but its doable). I think it would be better sustained dps if flying fists were guranteed to proc the first time not just at 50%.


Flechette round getting nerfed is probably the biggest handicap for PvE, though. Biggest issue is running out energy, even with pugnacity up because, like well-geared players, the champ/boss mobs inevitably still have a lot of hp after you've blown your high-damage combos and start running out of energy.

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