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Aliens. Do you believe?


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The majority of the world believes that life exists on other planets besides just earth. What qualifies as life depends on who you ask and what your definition of life is. Most people can conceive of the notion of other planets capable of harboring life in other planets. Whether life consists of just amoeba like organisms or something more complex, the idea of life existing elsewhere is something that has always been a topic of debate.


I have always been a firm believer of alien lifeforms. When I say alien, I am not referring to a being that is superior to ours just merely different. My opinion has always been if earth can sustain a life form, why cant another planet, in another solar system, in another galaxy, in an perpetually expanding universe also sustain life. Recently though, I have been wondering if it is possible that our existence as a species has been created from an alien race. The popular belief of the start of humankind would be that we were either created by a superior being or that we evolved from some less complex life force. I am not going into religion in this topic, or want to go into my beliefs in this post. I believe something a little more out of the concept of normal beliefs. Considering that Earth is one of thousands of planets able to sustain lifeforms, I feel, that there is more to the story then just evolution. Clearly there was something that sparked a change in our evolutionary patterns from whatever lifeforms we came from. The possibilities of us being genetically enhanced by aliens, being ancestors of crashed aliens, or just having aliens existing somewhere in our universe is a high probability.

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