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Am I crazy?


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Was waiting for this game to come out for a long time. Didn't participate in the beta, but did get into the early access by about a week before the game went "live". Played my first character, a female gunslinger, to lvl 50. I had tons of problems with almost every elite mob I encountered and had to call in help from my guild on a few of them. Kept reading about different styles, builds, etc. here in the forums but it was too late to change some things.


So, I started a new gunslinger two days ago. In just a couple of days, she has been able to attain her ship at lvl 15, defeat any elite she has encountered, completed the heroic missions on Ord Montell and Courascant (sp) - did republics most wanted solo and only died once - and gotten slicing and scavenging skills up to 200'ish. At lvl 15, me and Corso are able to take out mobs that my previous character had to wait until almost lvl 20 to defeat. I'm not sure if it is the better gear attained in the heroic missions or better set up of my rotation but I'm really loving this class now.


That said, is it really worth it to level another gunslinger up to 50? From what I've read, once you get to 50 it is basically all PVP to get good gear. Some say GS class can't hang and others say we are Gods in PVP. I've never played anything close to PVP, so I'm wondering if I have the skills to be effective. Don't want to get to that point and quit due to lack of folks not wanting our class either.


Just wanted to say thanks for everyone who's posted tips, tricks, techniques and strategies in these forums. I might not have understood them the first time around, but I'll blame that on age (48) and desire to rush to end-game. Would appreciate any suggestions on how to best gear up pre-lvl 50 to ensure I'm ready for the big leagues.



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I am not sure I understand your question...


You say you got a gunslinger to 50 during the early access--- what happened to that character? If you enjoyed the class then I would say yes it is worth it but I do not understand why you are needing to.


Also as far as gear yes there is PvP gear- but that can be said for every class and would not be any different of a grind no matter the class you picked. As a fresh 50 the way it is set up you will be slaughtered your first week- this is until you get a few pieces of gear and you will be back to where you were before. Again this is true for every class not just gunslingers.


There is also gear from doing dailies as well as drops in flashpoints. You also mention a guild and gearing is pretty quick in ops if your guild is running those. Again though this grind would be the same no matter the class you pick.


You can gear your character through multiply ways there is no set - This is the only gear that works you must get it. So play what you like and have fun.


I hope that helps... honestly it is really not very clear what you are asking.

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I think what you're saying is your talents are what you really want on the first character and so you're making a second character. I can't really tell, but your comment of "Kept reading about different styles, builds, etc. here in the forums but it was too late to change some things."


There are currently only three things that you can't change right now:

a) How your character looks (race, sex, size, etc.)

b) Your Advanced Class choice

c) Your Legacy Name


If you're rerolling a character to change talents you should actually head to the Fleet and just visit the little Greedo looking fella who allows you to do that. He's in the southern-most section of the Fleet where the class trainers are. It'll cost credits (and costs more and more each time you decide to change everything) but it's going to be less painful than leveling a whole other character.


If this isn't what you're meaning, please clarify yourself and hopefully someone can help you out. :)

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As far as the PvP gear grind, it is currently a pretty decent way to get gear fast (made significantly less frustrating with the most recent change), but as more and more people get comfortable with the game and hit level 50 PUG FPs and OPs will become a lot more common and easier, allowing you to skip PvP altogether if you desire.


As far as how comfortable you'll feel in PvP, a lot of it depends on your server and how large it is or what the class makeup is. I'm on a relatively small server, and for the first few weeks of PvP I almost never saw another smuggler or IA, and when I did it was usually a scoundrel. People didn't focus me because they didn't know better. And even with lower levels of gear, as long as you pick up or craft a decent quality level 50 blaster you CAN do good damage or even top the charts with nothing else, provided a little luck and smart thinking/placement.


You'll also get gear a lot faster now than before with the most recent change, like I said. Your first day of PvP, if you stick with it for a couple hours, will likely finish you the daily/weekly and give you enough for one or two extra vendor bags. That's easily enough for you to replace your worst pieces of gear and let you feel significantly more tanky.

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You can PvE for gear, you don't need to PvP if you don't want to. However, why are you rolling a second gunslinger? Is it because you're changing servers? Why not just use your existing gunslinger?


If you had trouble killing things on your first GS and not on your second it is likely that you just learnt to play it better. That being said, if you have your ship at 15 slow it down and do some side quests before the PvE gets too hard for your level.

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