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The reason sorc's are not op.


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Me Sorc madness/lightning hybrid , and 3 buddies qued for pvp today.

They were BH healing, Sorc healing, and Inquisitor assasin.


Voidstar 3 meelee jumped me at the same time. I get stun'd by one of them then i get forcepushed towards my 2 healers. *into their aoe healing spell .

I get charge stun'd again and immediately force choked 75% resolve bar the other 2 meelee both try to stun and forcechock me again. and zerg me down. I use my stunbreaker and begin to dps them. this took me about a minute to kill all 3 of them.

After the match one of them wispered me complaining about how i was so op and it takes no skill to play my class and cry cry cry sob .

For starters they all exausted all thier cc's immediately and gave me full resolve.

*none of them used any of thier stuns on the 2 healers .

*none of them knocked me away out of range or los of the healers.

(If they were cordinated the could of knocked me one way and the healers the other way separating me from my healers long enough to 2 shot me with 2 9k critical finishers that their classes are capable of. )

* They all used their op damage reduction abilites while i was stun locked because they really needed it while i was stunlocked for 8 seconds and my dps was so much ....

I have every box filled with a spell 20 in all that i use and both side bars filled as well unlike classes like comando or bh tracer missle spec i dont a a 1 button wonder weapon..

none of my abilities hit for more than 3500 with trinket and stims popped. Sorcs are not op just really bad players lose to experienced sorcs that can use more than 4 buttons. Most of you aren't losing to op sorcs your losing to good players that have joined a game together and are working as a team. I play both sides pub and emp. My friends and i got so sick of the complaints that we rerolled alts on the other side.

We que into warzones with 4 troopers we own, we go with 4 ops we own, we go with 2 bh 2 sorcs we own, we go with 2 merauders and 2 juggernauts we own.

My point is yes sorc aoe spells are a little bit easier to use than the other classes but if you use a Mortar Volley or Death from above and dont stun first you are just an idiot and i will move out of the way or my sorc friend if he isnt stuned by someone will maybe pull me to safety. Ive seen every class in the game do over 600k in voidstar its not impossible.

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Supposedly hybrid sages are supposedly OP or balanced. People are on either side of the fence for this.



The truth is that full dps tele sage are underpowered. A full dps only class that has crap dots, no as much viability and crap burst.

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Wonder how many sorcs/sages would go for there insta-cooldown force lightning/telekinetic wave and there instant heal moving up there respective trees as well as a max target cap adding to there aoe heal and aoe knockback?


Answer....probably none because they don't want to be balanced.

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