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[VIDEO] Ilum - Wipecannons. Trailor for fun largescale ilum battle


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Background Imperials zerg republicans all day every day on ilum on my server, Sword of Ajunta pall. 'Pubs may get a good group going occassionally, or go guerrilla and pick stragglers off, but in general if they hang out too long the zerg'll get 'em.

Today the republic grouped up in multiple ops and dominated Ilum for hours. At times it looked like at least 50 it not 80 or more. We brawled constantly all over the map. Tons died on both sides, and wipecannons of one side or the other were decisive in many engagements.


I fraps'd a bunch of these fights, even at 10-15 fps. I'll put the better parts together in a vdeo later.

For Now here's a short clip from near the imperial base.


If you were there tonight this will make you laugh and if you were not there it'll make you wish you were.


What to Expect: 60 second video of Wipecannons and +Valor spam.





Here's the full length (4 min!) version of the fight:


SWToR Forums - Ilum Mass PvP video thread



Thanks for watching, I'd like to know what you think

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Yep. It's a nice change of pace. Remember mauling a few zergs that outnumbered us 3 to 1.


Unfortunately, Imps on my server smartened up. They never engage beyond South as a zerg anymore. If we try to pull them further back, they don't take the bait and either stay at South or just go back to farming Center.


Fortunately, there's enough Repubs that we can usually go zerg on zerg vs. them. Win some, lose some.

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