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Armstech: Broken and worthless


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The reason:


You cannot RE anything in armstech except for barrels to get new schematics.


I was making an alt and thought it would be fun to take something other than Biochem (which is on all of my other characters) because I figured making purple vibroknives would be fun.


I RE about 50 of the lvl 9 vibroknife and get nothing, I know something is up so I google it and sure enough THEY DIDNT ADD ANY SCHEMATICS FOR ANY OF THE WEAPONS.


How can you guys be so bad at crafting design?


TLDR version: Biochem is the only crew skill you should ever take and bioware fails sooooo hard at designing crafting balance.

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Vibroknives (and scatterguns) are both currently bugged. At this time, neither of these can be RE'd into improved schematics. These do indeed need to be fixed.


Otherwise, Armstech REing works as expected. My 50 sniper is Arms, and I have tons of schematics I've RE'd up to purple, including numerous Pistols, every Sniper Rifle from 19 through 39, and the level 50 Techstaff.

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