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Some Math


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I tried to estimate the damage-loss in PvE due to Acid Blade nerf, it is difficult to do wihtout any numbers and I am not the best in math, perhaps other people have better ideas, here is what I thought so far:


I created a formula for the Armor Ignore effect like this:


n-(r * (1-x)) * n with


n being the raw amount of damage

r being the reduction coefficient of armor

x the armor ignore value of Acid Blade


In a pre nerf example assuming 50% damage reduction due to armor (I would guess bosses are around this value) dealing a raw amount of 10 damage this would be:


10-(0.5*(1-0.5))*10 = 7.5


So with 50% armor ignore we would do 7.5 points damage agains a target with 50% mitigation


Now post nerf:


10-(0.5*(1-0.3))*10 = 6.5


Now its only 6.5 points damage, this is a 6.5/7.5 = 0.87 -->13% overall damage loss





I'd like to hear the thoughts of some more experienced theorycrafters, also it surely has some inherents limitations (e.g. I am not sure if the Backstab that applies the buff already is affected by it and so on).

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