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Ashamed of founder title


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Why would i want to show people that i was here when BW trolled every one with an unfinished game a terrible engine lots of bugs ability delay, and biased towards the NA players base.

In fact im ashamed i brought such a long game time card




Where did you bring it from?

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right now, yes, it is a worthless title


right now


give it time, when player base picks up more, more an more content are out loads of new people show up, and of course, talk trash


you change you title, they look confused, you let them know that means i was here at the start, you are the new guy not me


of course though in reality, he/she/it will just say then you suck at this game from the start and your a loser


so, bottom line up front, yes it is a worthless title

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Hello everyone,


We know that a number of you wish to discuss the founder title and in order to keep the discussion together we ask that everyone use this thread where an official statement has been made. This will help to ensure our forums are tidy and everyone can participate in the ongoing conversation. We will be closing this thread, feel free to carry on there!

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