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The tone of these forums needs cleaning up


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Is anyone else disappointed by the general tone of these foums and the glaring lack of good manners?


It seems nearly every OP (including this one no doubt) gets trolled by dozens of totally worthless replies that constitute nothing but snide ad-hominems, smart-arse comments, and sneering. Regardless of the merit of the OP.


This seems to have become much much worse since the forums were wiped for release. Where have all these unpleasant ill-mannered little brats suddenly appeared from?


It would be nice if the mods were a little more on the case here, and started handing out sanctions against aganst the worst offenders. and make these forumes a better place.

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Forums are where people with no real voices go to get attention. All forums are pretty much worthless. Once you find a good guild and other friendly players, you will never have a need to come here..and that's a good thing.


All forums are the same..1% good people..99% misinformation and trolls.



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if the OP's stop moaning and whinning about not having EGA, or generally moaning about something, there is just so much negativtity, and most forum members have had enough of the moaning (and that includes this OP). :p (may be that was a bit OTT but you are now moaning about the moaning brats)


it is actually quite entertaining reading all the childish posts. it pasts the time while waiting.

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Waldorf: The internet is a completely different culture, isn't it?

Statler: You said it. Everything here is immediately followed by sarcastic comments and nasty responses.

Waldorf: Yup, we're finally where we belong.

Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!


Statler: They're still here! Don't they know this site will ruin their lives?

Waldorf: You can't ruin what you don't have!

Both: Dohohohohohohoho!


And if you are wondering who these fine Gentlemen are...to put it midly it was Jim Henson who started the heckling/trolling long before the internet became what it is today :rolleyes:

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