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Launch was yestaday, 2 "extra days" planned from beginning, EA strategy.


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I think bioware should have put EGA starting on september 13th, and since that day one guy of the beta would get a "your char will remain active on live servers" message.




then when they closed the servers 4th december they would let those about 60 guys in early access to stay logged in a special server, and now they should continue adding one per day until the 19th at 23:50, then open the gates to early access and finnaly at 20th open the game.



What, sounds ridiculous? why? its still UP TO 99 days, too bad you could only play for 10 minutes.


and what those people that were in would have all the gear already when you logged? too bad, you should have preordered sooner! those 5 minutes you were taking a crap at the bathroom screwed you up.


now really, for the people that say that they only said UP to 5 days and so ppl that preordered in november and december will get 1 or 2 days its fair, remember that they could have done it the way im saying and put up to 99 days and you would play 10 minutes and it would still be fair.


Your post is nothing more than an example reductio ad absurdum. It doesn't help the point your trying to make. BW have stated that the early access will be staggered, they've stated that access will be granted depending upon when pre-order codes were entered, they are doing as they said they would and now all of a sudden some people are having this panic reaction.

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