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  1. Stuff worth over 1b is sort of dumb AF dealing with people and trying to sell stuff at market price is a headache, and a rip. Tossing all my crap over 1b for 1b on the GTN and i'm done, all I will use the GTN is selling crafting mats or the odd epic loot. Sorry EA but the more you snooze on the issue of credit inflation price gouging and lack of direction towards raising the cap on the GTN which is as simple as adding a few 0's to peoples Cap is redick.
  2. Eh, at the rate I'm making credits as a subscriber, in less then a month my Legacy will be tapped out at 104B At that point, 3 month subscription for this game is all that is needed. EVER. New player or not. sitting at 104B in the Legacy SH as a preferred player with content unlocked? Only thing that keeps the GTN going is the sales from the store, and it is completely optional. about 4-5 key items are needed if that from the store. 1, nice cosmetic skin, 3 crystals end, env, master? 1-3 mounts if that. and perhaps the kolto tank. the unlocked all those in collections. Content wise 1-50 I could personally enjoy endlessly maybe add RoTHC and SoR. Done. End game is in fact not really needed. PvP is well PvP and optional. Coruscant is the only SH I actually consistently use. With a GTN kiosk to sell your mats on, some lights and carpet... I Can and do max each companion at 4.2m a pop on any character I want max price. Largest Optional Legacy perk is what 2.5m max maybe? only perk worth truly buying at 1m is HK-51. Just my opinion but being a new player is not rough. IT WAS ROUGH in 1.0 now tho?? LOL
  3. Like why not have this? people do have billions banked why not put this into a market for people to list their SH on a market fully decorated? Separate from the GTN market SH real-estate could be a thing for people who just love interior design and decorating SH to list for sale. Could be a Guild option as well,
  4. My Second Suggestion might not be as appealing either for credits being deleted off servers to lower the insane prices of inflation. BUT in the end any suggestion is not going to be liked. Add a pad rent type deal or weekly credit taxes tabbed to SH, Base the prices according to the affordability of each SH the More luxurious ofc will pay more, and also add a deco tax fee, each deco placed costs 1-5Credits per week. But at the same time, give people a market for their SH, allow people to Sell Decorated Strong Holds. You know those little kiosks on the planets that they have and in Fleet that have a static fee per SH? add a market place tab to View peoples Decorated SH that they can Sell. People can travel to them and place a bid or buyout on anyone's SH that people decide to list for in credits. I for one would like to sell a few of my SH to others, seeing as I only typically use 1. But I love decorating and the option to sell would be interesting. Guilds should have options as well, Dead guilds with ships and SH could be added to the list of "For Sale" options. Just an idea.
  5. one thing you are not considering tho is a static price of 1.5b on the CE vender would delete credits, that is the goal, and it would delete quite a bit from the super rich, secondly, it would be a bind on pick up which means non tradeable, this would cause those who do purchase it a limited to their own account. Lastly it would over time be harder to afford the 1.5b from the GTN with less credits in circulation prices would drop, in the case 1.5 is doable by 90% of the population without much worry, then in order for it to be effective a non transferable instant 30 day token consumed on purchase from the CE vender hypothetically speaking would be increased to a more sustainable number to say 2b or 2.5b that if people were to have a monthly free 30 days it would take a month to farm. Also to make it not extreme for the filthy rich cap the token to no more than 180 accumulated per tokens at any given time. Edit: Reason being 180 days is so at some point, they need to continually purchase tokens, Edit2: So got to thinking and to make this even more of a credit delete option forget 30days for 1.5b make it only 3 days at a time for 1billion even. That could potentially delete 10billion credits per month.
  6. Would be nice if it was done here... Edit: Or they could add tokens to the CE vender for 1.5B keep the credit caps in place for non subs, that way 1 initial fee minimum 1 month of sub time, second fee is CE vender. That way EA still makes their $ on the game, and if sub time lapses you still need to pay for 1 month minimum sub.
  7. the only thing you really skip past is the low trash mobs the elite big droids spot you, so the entrance is a few death investment but at lvl 17 repairs is like 238 credits, ill be honest tho I rather do this on a sage cause I'm lazy and with a 50 comp at lvl 15 is a lot easier without stealth cause you just pop a few heals. Where as a shadow I'm pressing more than 2 buttons LOL. It is a fun farm, lvl 80 farm is different way more AoE abilities for healing, as for the pre 20 lvls your limited quite a bit. still a fun farm.
  8. just did posted screens of the first two bosses last boss is a no tho.
  9. Iirc i was soloing it on lvl 15's and farming it, is that still a doable thing? It might of been done to death but its still one of my favorite flashpoints. Edit: First and Second boss is doable at lvl 17 VM last boss is a no. First Boss Hammer Station VM lvl 17 Second Boss Hammer Station VM lvl 17
  10. Or Buy the Rights to the original SWG and its subsequent servers for a relaunch heh
  11. What I mean is ultimately there should be a consumable from the Store that people can use on the GTN that Takes Credits off the market. So say a Token for 30 days of subscription time. the Token value could be say 3500CC when bought you put it on the GTN for its market value say 700m as an example, someone then "Uses" the token and is granted 30 days of subscription time on their accounts.
  12. Actually I kind of take back what I was saying, just takes some getting used to, but the feel of a sub class does make things rather interesting.
  13. I sort of take back what I was saying cause since last night I went from 30k to uh 99m so, guess its fine LOL
  14. Well selling something for 2.5m and the GTN hits me for 200k is uh ouch. Like really, 200k is BS they need some brains at BW maybe instead of charging 5k for stims at the local Reven Holo they should up it to 250k per. EDIT: 2 solutions to credit reform comes to mind.... Make Credit cap Unlimited for Sub, Pref, Free. Secondly Sell Tokens for Sub time....
  15. Yeah, i haven't played in about 5 years, but coming back is a little like, What in the.... I suppose if fixing things not needing fixing is a way of fixing the lack of fixing things. Why not just toss it all up in the air Admit mistakes Have been made rebuild the epic loss and bring back cookie cutter builds in 1.5 - 3.0? At least it was fun making FoTM builds. But lighting coming out the.... at the Jedi temple is well. counterproductive? just some thoughts.
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