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  1. This was the last straw. My sub is un-ed. I won't be wasting money on BW products in the future.
  2. I know the feeling... Although I'd say it may need more than that, like scrubbing the whole thing, and starting over with a new engine.
  3. If your real life is more important than the game, why are you pissed that your real life interfered with the game? My sanity is more important than PvP, so I haven't been PvPing. This does not make it Bioware's job to give me loads of free gear. It just means I'll have to catch up if/when they fix PvP.
  4. I want credit for all the dailies I haven't wasted time doing since they started making it not worth my time to do it. Bioware should just GIVE me a pile of champ bags, since I would have finished those dailies if I didn't have better things to do, like getting a simultaneous root canal and colonoscopy. /sarcasm
  5. I do PvE too. Although I'm about to start making my buddy give me credits for repairs so I don't have to log in when I'm not doing an Op. I'm teetering. Any less fun and I'm gone.
  6. You're A: wrong, B: A fanboy, and C: either lying or incapable of telling what good performance looks like. Ilum is a slideshow in large encounters. I'm quite certain that given the vast numbers of people who've complained about it, covering the PC hardware demographics pretty thoroughly, that you're a trolling fanboy. I'm done with you. I suppose this is more plausible than his laptop being better than my desktop without weighing as much as a Buick, but I've seen similar complaints from people with a pretty impressive cross section of hardware.
  7. If you don't know what the 3dmark scores mean, and actually think this game has no engine trouble, you're a fanboy, or playing on the lowest pop server out there. This game has well-documented issues handling large battles. And until and unless you can give me a reason that my PC actually sucks, which it doesn't, judging by performance in roughly everything else, I'm going with the least common denominator, which is the ONE game that has performance that makes no sense. If I thought you had a clue, I'd provide hard evidence, but you're obviously more interested in talking trash than knowing what you're talking it about.
  8. You're playing games on a laptop. Engine has significant issues. My rig is from before Sandy Bridge, so it's actually a pretty high end one. But I'm sure you knew that too and have another witty rebuttal not grounded in facts?
  9. http://www.modsrigs.com/detail.aspx?BuildID=27646 My rig. Haven't had the money to upgrade lately, but the fact that Vsync is a bad idea in this game for that machine suggests engine issues, possibly complemented by you being utterly ignorant.
  10. I gave up on that place until Bioware licenses a game engine that actually works.
  11. You're wrong. The game was pretty clearly designed with the intent of doing whatever your toon can (legitimately within the engine) to win. Thus the little pep talk.
  12. HuK is dual citizenship American/Canadian, not even Korean by descent. He just trained in Korea at the OGS house while he was liquid, and then moved to EG, who, last time I checked, were also going to have him training in Korea.
  13. I've almost lost a WZ because of a Sage doing this before. He damaged himself down to about 2k health, got one shotted, and I basically had to work my *** off to keep the 2 Ops from taking the Turret until reinforcements from my premade showed up. Of course, if we could queue an 8 man premade, I wouldn't care what pug baddies do.
  14. Yes, I'm sure this has never happened to anyone on the Republic side... oh wait. Daily. Deal with it. Even happens within faction. Last night, one of our sages jumped off the ledge before Soa and pulled our scoundrel with him. Was hysterical.
  15. I'd think correct solution would be counter grief. If both teams are really against it like you say, just help the other team find him over and over. May or may not do anything, but it'd be some satisfaction.
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