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  1. Bump! any info on this @JackieKo? its a really annoying Bug alternative Band Aids, that are obviously a worse solution and should only be used if there's no way to fix the bug: reenable Duels in all OPs/create convenient self-stun-zones in front of each and every Boss-room.
  2. sometimes = when you get your first Stack. 2nd and 3rd Stacks are without chuckle thanks to some complainers. I couldn't play the Class anymore after they made that change and the funniest part is that Vanguards have the chuckle even though they unlike Scoundrels don't have Random procs (assuming no Commando/Merc Raidbuff, wich admittedly isn't random but might as well be). leaving aside how much better Gameplay is with the Audible feedback, I also like the chuckle.
  3. it's not foolproof simple, there's 2 Quests / iLVL and 4 iLVLs with Mods the purple one only has enhancements so it won't help you get iLVL because you'll miss Armoring and modification (also hilt&blaster whatever it's called) if you do the blue one on the other hand you can get the items to that iLVL and then just get an item drop and disassemble that for the purple one sine it will be the same iLVL as what you are wearing. -> make sure you do the blue quest first, for that one it doesn't matter either if the Item is purple or blue since the higher quality one will also work for the lower quality quest. however you can't craft them you can just buy them for credits, don't ask what they cost though, I'm not rich but I don't currently have to look at NPC Prices especially since I only bought a few main & offhands while I didn't have enough R4 Tokens.
  4. that was fixed last Year https://www.swtor.com/patchnotes/12202022/game-update-7.2a they already drop from the easiest Boss in R4 and will automatically drop from Weekly Quest Boxes because every thing else will be higher iLVL the rng of what you'll get from Boxes is an Issue, but since there are non-rng ways to get Relics that aren't especially difficult it's fine. I mean yea, all it needed was a auto disintegrate list to not fill the Inventory after killing 3 Bosses and a Legacy wide search feature to find where you put what pieces. also something to not be at the mercy of rng for Setbonuses. currently I have Gear for any spec I'd ever consider playing + some extras, just by playing, whereas in 6.3 I would have to deal with the torture of searching thousends of trash items to build those Gear sets. the only 2 issues of the 7.3 Gearing System, that I see are the lack of Mods at 340 and that Tanks need entirely separate gear from DPS/Heal. The game needs to encourage players to want to play Tank. the auto disintegrate list & Legacy Search would improve the Game but with Loadouts these Features aren't neccecary like they were in 6.x. so while 6.x gearing up was the best, it is better now than how it was then, people are just hung up over how it was in between.
  5. complaining about how long it takes to put gear into the legacy Bank but then claiming the Explanation of how that time can be reduced down to negligible time required is off topic, you aren't any more friendly then xxSHOONYxx is. good luck with convincing anyone SWTORs gear acquisition System is bad when you are the one who deliberately decided to use it wrong.
  6. do you know about Hyde and Zeek? they are in the supply area, in the room next to where you upgrade Gear. You only need one Item at 326,330 / 334 and/or 336 (I think those were the Levels the quests should tell you what you need) then you can Buy components and use modifiable shells. Just make sure you grabbed the right Quest before dismanteling. That will massively speed up getting gear and since you can reuse it over and over with better components, you save Credits on Augment kits. I'm just not 100% sure if the quests are still gated behind average iLVL or not. If you had 330 Gear with Purple Augments that Gear is basically equal to 340 Gear without Augments so if you need to save credits just keeping the Augmented gear and only upgrade when you can go directly to the cap on that Piece of Equipment. Augments are especially good to get Accuracy to 100% as soon as possible.
  7. but levels do matter. at low levels the Game expects you to be a beginner, it doesn't give you many decisions however it bloats your stats enough you get trough even when all you have is saber strike and double strike with half your gear missing. at a higher Level the Game expects you to have learned how to play so it stops babysitting you. think of Gear as what makes the Game easier and of your level as what makes the game more complex. and well, complex can mean harder if you don't use it to your advantage.
  8. Groupfinder is just full of unnecessary Punishments, I'm not sure if they crept over from PVP or if the DEVs just hate the Players and always assume the worst of them. Don't take it to heart.
  9. I agree with 1. more importantly it should be segmented into easier MM normal MM and Harder MM, as well as fast MM normal MM and Slow MM, reward points for the weekly accordingly, you shouldn't be forced to list for all of them to progress the weekly. about 2. that didn't happen. FPs were not buffed whatsoever, instead by being able to get better Gear more easily you could argue FPs were nerfed. Skill & knowlage Gear
  10. afaik there's two Achievements, one for 330 and below, one for 334 and below you get them by having two different Legendary Implants at that iLVL equipped at the same time. you have both those Achievements but still don't get the discount? (not sure if your Server Matters)
  11. I knew Sage Operations mainhand was bugged (maybe still is?), didn't know about Operatives. how about getting Mods and stuff from Hyde and Zeek and using a shell? the blue ones (prototype Gear) have all you need for a mainhand, Purple (artifact) are just the Enhancements (with a minor amount of better stats, grab Prototype first!) Hyde and Zeek are located in the outer Ring of the Supplies section (3rd cubicle if you go counterclockwise (I think)). grab the 336 Prototype Quest and when asked to dismantle something dismantle any Blue or Purple Item at or above 336 iLVL. presumably you know how to use modable gear, if not just ask.
  12. if you want good advice check out Nee-Elders links that said, get a Guild or some people to play with Voice chat asap, the game is way more fun with friends instead of strangers. Tanks are support, being support means they need to be supported by the Group to make sense, support is much easier to get from friends.
  13. I look at the Season vendor, basically never, but isn't that vendors only reason to exist to sell you things like Fen Zeil? I would have just assumed he's in there and you just have to wait for the Rotation.
  14. I just think if your complaint is that people who leave don't get any stat to show they are little Babies, implementing that stat may well be the singular most easy to implement thing that has ever been implemented in a Computer Programm. I know for a fact if PCs could only do one thing, Counting would be it.
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