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  1. Returning player here, 3 or more years not touched the game. I have all classses, last time they all were made to 70 and 230 gear, then I left And then PT was pretty good, I can remember that. So, even now everyone continue talking that PT are awesome PVE-DPSers I tested all and weren't able to find that 'awesomeness' When playing Arsenal Merc numbers 40-60k are pretty common to me. When on PT, on any spec, I barely can see something close to 20k. (both are ~ equal in lvl and gear and with 80lvl bolster) So, most likely I'm doing something wrong? Someone able to share proper build/spec/rotation for PT please?
  2. I am SERIOUSLY and STRONGLY doubt in this statements
  3. Cool parses. Sadly, everyday routine average enemy is not lone stationary dummy with billion HP, where you could run timed autoclicker and go afk
  4. Also I have a strong doubt of putting PTs so high. Maras is OK - I don't playing this class much, but as I see in FPs, some Maras doing really dirty things. But PT? In what spec? What he can even do? I.e. Merc able to crit with HS missle up to 60k and you put him so low, PT didn't have anything even half close but u put him so high
  5. Not sure about others, but Sin is really strong in both specs. And Operative is garbage - in both specs too.
  6. Why are you whining? Scoundrel - is just like a typical Star Wars movie/series, rated as G, where heroes would use their grips, fists, punches rather than light sabers, blasters etc.
  7. DPS Operative is pure trash, compared to another inviser - Assassin. No matter which spec: direct damage or dots. Especially direct damage - Sin pulls out just crazy numbers, which are pretty close to warrior's numbers. Operative here is at.... he is just not here. Took Sniper as 2nd class to my Operative - damage is way, WAY better in the any possible scenario or spec or range. And the main reasons are: - Precasts. I should use one or two DOTs to even make my rotation possible to work. Whole 2 GCD wasted. And no abilities to refresh that DOTS duration during normal rotation. (in DOTs spec I should use some sort of trash and unusable skill to just spread dots!) - Tactical Advantage: this is just pure BS should gone. There shouldn't be any restrictions on using skills. And also this is another precast: like use Shiv to start your rotation. And like it wasn't enough, skills which utilize TA require energy too! - Complicated rotations which require too much attention on buff/debuff panels (and they are MEH made here) - Weak damage. Even TA skills, even with perfect timings and all procs are way weaker than another melee DPS have. And I have a feeling, that DPS-operative is weaker than even range DPS! TF?
  8. Dunno man, even if they will make buff info transferred directly to my brain - it doesn't fix the main problems: complicated and repetitive rotations weak damage precasts
  9. Such complicated rotation! >< OP play Assassin/Shadow really...
  10. Hello there I wonder - will we ever get rid of such BS as Tactical Advantage (Upper Hand)? Are we the only class in the game who need to have some sort of low stacked buff to even shoot? Let's take assassin: I just go there and do things. Simple rotations, pretty often procs, TONS of damage. Operative: complicated rotations, not much procs, SHOULD use precasts (like DOTs), still way lower damage compared to Sin. Seriously, FFS - they dont see this mechanic is trash? And even more: skills which require TA are not free! Yes, they consume energy, lol. TLDR: TA is trash and should gone.
  11. Comparing Sniper (Virulence) and Operative (Lethality and Concealment), well, Operative is much better. In my experience, Viru Sniper is close to madness Sorc atm, maybe just a bit better.
  12. They failed with this LS/DS choice from the release. There must not be any choices. Jedis must be only light. Siths - only dark Agents, BHs, Troopers and Smugglers - only neutral. They are not force sensitive, nor force users, so they can't follow a path of something, that they didn't even have. Faction change, neither factions alliances must not be possible. That pathos stories need to be removed too. Usual player must be a little bit more than just private, otherwise this is not MMO, but single-player with the coop option.
  13. Anyway, Bioware has an experience in killing MMOs already - Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning as example. Seems, everything going to the same end here too. I never played KOTOR games and has no wish for it. But at 1st there is words about MMO - look closely. And what if I decided to not continues story? I am the Eternal Emperor! Knee before me, filth! You are talking like a teen female: that emotions, pathetic attempts to insult - I like you Well, probably your RAM value is too low, so you already forgot. Nvm, I'll repeat: at start it WAS MMO. There was massive battles, gank, PVE etc. Now - not sure. All I've seen here so far - just a single-player game story. And nothing from MMO. Yes, they has improved this game a lot, but did nothing for MMO part, even worse - they constantly killing this part. Yeah, thx for asking this - I have Legendary Player ingame title. But go away or not - I would decide for myself
  14. Your butthurt is priceless Do you have "The Founder" title? Not? Then leave your cool stories to someone "who cares", fresh meat. http://www.swtor.com/info/overview Does Bioware knows, that SWTOR is not MMO? Prob, they will be amazed from this revealing And if you are so focused on the story, care to explain: why there is a full fleet of the Emperors? And why nobody wants to knee before you and serve?
  15. I am player since beta, so don't sell this BS to me please. This IS MMO, no matter what fresh-joined thinks about that. At least, it WAS MMO... There was even open-world big fights and just gank... Also, even original stroy was bad, because... At start I was just an operative, just a screw in the BIG machine, discovering some stuff. But I've ended as... Commander of the Imperial intelligence. At Knight - as Emperor's Wrath. Etc. A full fleet of the top-managers, so funny. Not. But KOTFE was able to beat even this: a full fleet of the Emperors! WUT?! They completely have no idea - what is a good story for the MMO game...
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