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Game Update 7.4.1 Livestream coming February 14th!


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Hello everyone!

Happy Friday :) Pleased to confirm that we will be hosting the Game Update 7.4.1 livestream on February 14th at 1pm CT / 7pm UTC over on our streaming channel. We'll be going over all the features in 7.4.1 and also hinting as to what's to come after 7.4.1 launch! Mark your calendars! 

See you soon!

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Good morning, everyone! 

ICYMI, the 7.4.1 dev stream is now up on our YouTube channel and the recap blog has been published here. Thanks to everyone who watched yesterday! We did see a couple of follow up questions floating around, so we'll be working on consolidating those and posting a follow up in this thread. 


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Hello everyone, 

Below are some commonly asked questions that we have seen pop up since the 7.4.1 livestream and the answers to them! 

  • Can we use credits to purchase the additional three room unlocks? 
    • Yup! The initial 6 room unlocks are on the F2P and Sub tracks of season respectively as noted during the stream and then the other 3 rooms can be unlocked like a normal room in a Stronghold with either Cartel Coins or Credits.
  • Do I have to buy the modernized Utility Bundles? 
    • Players who have the OG utility bundles do not need to purchase the modernized ones, they will just be updated with 7.4.1 launch.
  • Will we increase the SH limit?
    • The limit is set as 20 and will not be increased at this time. 
  • Will Guilds be able to set the new Copero stronghold as their Guild Stronghold?
    • Only Strongholds that can be purchased through the Stronghold terminals can be set as a Guild Stronghold. As the Copero Stronghold is acquired through the Galactic Seasons system, it cannot be used as a Guild Stronghold. 
  • Will players be able to acquire the Stronghold when Galactic Seasons 6 ends? Possibly with Season Tokens?
    • We intend for the Stronghold to be available after the GS6 ends and purchasable with Galactic Seasons token. 
  • If the Stronghold is available to purchase post season, will all the rooms be available for purchase by anyone, or will the F2P and Subscriber limitations remain in place?
    • The Subscriber room unlocks will be available for purchase via Galactic Seasons tokens after the season ends; however, they will still only be available to players who are Subscribers. 
  • How do Galactic Seasons Strongholds work when you transfer a character? Are they available on the new server or do they need to be purchased again using Season Tokens?
    • The rooms will not transfer over. However, players who unlock additional rooms in the Copero Stronghold and transfer a character to a new server will need to get a key unlock from Collections and use it at the doors to reactivate them.  
  • Will the story NPCs in the Stronghold permanently remain in the Stronghold? Can we move them? 
    • As these NPCs are tied to story and narrative, they will remain in the Stronghold and will not be moveable.
  • Will 7.4.1 or parts of it be going up on the PTS?
    • We will not be opening PTS for 7.4.1. However, when we are ready to test features for Game Update 7.5, we will be opening up the PTS. More details to come at a later time!  

We'll keep an eye out for more questions and update this thread as needed. Thanks all!

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