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Two Easy Outfitter Changes that *Increase Revenue/Playtime*


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-Add Outfitter for Companions

We got outfitter, then weapons in the outfitter, then 32 slots in the outfitter. I bet these additions to the game increased Cartel Market item sales as people outfitted their toons. If companions got the same treatment, it would also likely increase Cartel Market item sales.

-Link Character titles, Legacy titles, and Flairs to Outfitter

When you select a character title and a legacy title, they should be linked to each specific outfit, rather than each specific loadout. Currently they are locked to a loadout. By linking them to the outfitter, or having a checkbox that optionally links them to the outfitter, it would encourage players getting more Character Titles, more Legacy Titles, and more Flairs, all of which either increase playtime (and therefore subscription time) or Cartel Item sales.



as an extra one, I would personally appreciate increasing the outfitter slots from 32 to just a few more, 38 ish, but this one is just probably me :).



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my PvP seasons feedback https://forums.swtor.com/topic/926635-feedback-from-a-new-pvp-er-first-post/

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