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Escape the Trap Bug -- Game Breaking


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In the new FP I had to pause for real life issues after I completed "Escape the Trap."


Now my character is stuck in permanent limbo. I was prepared to re-run the entire FP, but I can't even do that.






Don't know what you've already tried, so if I suggest something you've already done I apologise in advance :)


Have you tried getting someone else to join the fp, and see if that kicks it off again. Or even get someone else to start it, and you join them?

Have you tried contacting CS, to see if they can manually jump the char forward, or backward, or maybe even resetting the fp so you can start again.


That's assuming when you said stuck in limbo, you meant with the FP. Not stuck in limbo, as in the char can do anything at all :eek:


Hope you get it sorted :)

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