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RE: A budget anomaly


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The thread title refers to a mail you receive from (spoiler) after the events of (spoiler).


From: Lana Beniko

Subject: RE: A budget anomaly


Commander, Hylo and I have recently stumbled upon a peculiar anomaly that we are hoping you could shed some light on.


It seems that whenever you personally take point on a mission, we overshoot the allocation in the Alliance's budget for light spacecraft--by a considerable amount. Digging down into the specific line items shows where the credits are goind, and it's mostly shuttle repairs and replacement.


When you have some time, let's review the fiscal ledgers together. There is most assuredly a solution to this problem, but I would like to hear your assessment first.


A not-so-subtle way of saying:


From Lana Beniko

Subject: RE: shuttles


Commander, stop wrecking so many [REDACTED] shuttles during your missions.


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