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PvP has problems some of them are getting worse then ever. Can we have some news about the undermentioned.


- AirJumps -

These are broken in original Huttball, Vandin Huttball, and the Mandolrian Ring Arena.

I think it is a very game breaking feature, which so far I have not seen any acknowledgment about. Can we have some news about these. I was seeing a Twitch stream by Snave (a competitive solo Ranked Arena), where him waiting to jump he went from 80% health to nil because of the gug.


- Desync in Huttball Maps -

This has been ongoing concern since I re-subbed to the game one year ago (Dec 2018), which seems to have gone a new worse with the launch of 6.0. Are you working in trying to fix this? Yes PvP seems not to be a priority in Swtor but hey it is a year wide problem now. Having some communication about it would be nice.


- PvP Loot Boxes -

I have been in 306 since like in the first two weeks of new expansion on all my eight characters (Darth Malgus server) yet loot above 300 is like a 20/80 occurrence. In PvE MM FP it is opposite for 306 80/20. I think this is not fair for PvPer, and those like me who pay a sub mostly for PvPing.


- Other Concerns -

Class stacking in SR seems to have been mentioned many times, I think it would be nice to address this.


Thank you for the good work and happy new 2020 year. Let's make 2020 a great year for Swtor.

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PvP has problems some of them are getting worse then ever. Can we have some news about the undermentioned.


First sentence is true since four or five years. Maybe since release tbh. I remember why they decided to remove Ilum's Open-World PvP. Because it was judged "unplayable" by a majority of players when there were too many peoples on the planet.


Little did we know that those same issues would appear in regs some years later.


As for the second sentence, it will never happen, or if they did acknowledge it, they also said "we can't/wont fix that". Bioware doesn't have the manpower nor the knowledge to resolve these issues sadly. Saying that they know about these would just make it worse, because it would mean that they have to try to fix them. :rolleyes:



Don't get me wrong, I agree with what you're saying.

But it's been too many years since we've seen any real will to improve the PvP gameplay experience.

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I did bunch of bug reports on all above problems and some else as well.

Nothing fixed or even acknowledged.


I think studio plan is milk every possible juice out of the game with minimal expenses, until in 2023 license runs out.

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