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Theron Shan Post-Breakup Contact Entry Question


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I actually wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the bug forums, so if anyone finds that this post is in the wrong place, I can move it.


So, I have a Jedi Consular alt that broke off her relationship with Theron after the events of Fractured Alliances (not because I don't still love him, but for headcannon purposes that aren't really important here). After the breakup, I noticed that the Companions and Contacts entry about the split says:


"With the return of your former romance, you and Theron have decided to end your relationship."


The thing is, though, that my alt has never romanced anyone other than Theron - not even a single flirt option taken with any other character - companion OR NPC.


I was wondering if this text was common across all Theron relationship splits (like the codex entry for a break up is just that generic), or if my alt somehow now might have a relationship flag with someone else that I don't know about.


Thank you so much, in advance, for your input.


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