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Credits and what to spend them on.


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If you don't know, then the answer is nothing.


I agree. Best to save the credits until you find something you actually really want to buy with them. You'd hate for something you think is awesome to come out and you not be able to buy it because you blew all your fake monies on stuff you didn't want so much.

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If you have the legacy levels, I'd start looking at some of the bonuses there. Some of the fast travel stuff is super helpful (like Priority Transport: Starship and Priority Transport: Capital Planet). If you aren't an altoholic, maybe grabbing some of those companion influence buffs.


Having extra money can also just mean not ever worrying about sending your companions on missions as you max out your crafting and gathering.

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If you don't know, then the answer is nothing.


^^ This.


Besides... OP nobody here can decide for you anything you do in game. That is really up to you.. and is based on your preferences/wants/needs.


44M is plenty to play the game.... but it is by no means wealthy by any current standards within a game that has many wealthy veteran players. As such... 44M will not give you much in the way of access to the super rare collectors segment of the player economy.... which is dominated by people who can and will spend 50-100M at a time on pure luxury (craved, but not specifically required or needed) items. However, the other 99% of the market will be easily accessible with the level of wealth the OP currently holds.

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Mostly depends on what you like, and like to do. But here's some non-GTN places to look for stuff I think most players will want to have. Basically, scan through the Legacy Window in the following tabs:


Legacy > Global Unlocks > Other - these unlock for all toons on your legacy (server). Lots of great convenience items

Legacy > Character Perks - these are per character. Many I always get

Legacy > Global Unlocks > Species - you can unlock any race for any class here. The cheaper way is to play that race on one of the available classes, and get it to L50 which automatically unlocks it.


From the above, what I strongly recommend (though using Cartel Coins is often another option):


Global Unlocks > Other

Warzone Training Dummy (the Warzone one syncs to your level, the other is at Ops level, i.e. 70)

Commanding Legacy

Legacy Fleet Pass (all)

Legacy Travel (all)

Rocket Boost (all) - Highlighted as you WANT this! It is the single best QoL item in the game

Improved Priority Transport: Personal Starship (all)


Character Perks:

Improved Command Experience (all)

Legacy of Altruism (all)

Legacy of Persuasion (all)

Legacy of Promptness (at least one)

Improved Speeder Piloting 4 & 5 (I get the others through normal leveling)

Priority Transport: Personal Starship


Many are Legacy level locked. But you get the idea. Hope this helps.



Other QoL items I insist on having (get these from GTN):


A trainer. If you got Senya (or Oggurobb), you're set. If not, consider buying the Satele Shan and Darth Malgus Holostatues (trainers for Republic and Imperial toons respectively)


Revan Holostatue. Pretty pricey. But it is nice to have a vendor you can call anytime to sell the loot piling up in your inventory. Or to call for repairs if your group keeps wiping.


Unlocks - mostly if you plan to play as Preferred. If so, get account-wide unlocks. Look in the Cartel Market Items section in GTN.


L10 Advanced (+41) color crystals in your favorite colors


Maybe a tuning you like?

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If you don't know, then the answer is nothing.




Don't spend credits just because you have them. Only spend on things you really want. Is there anything from the Cartel Market currently that you really want for one or more of your characters, but don't have yet? Buy that.


If you're drawing a blank when asking yourself that queston, hold on to the credits until you're able to answer it. Chances are there will be something in a subsequent pack you'll like if there is nothing available at the moment that you want, and you'll regret it if you're broke because you burned those credits on things you don't use very much.


If you haven't been following the Cartel Market and are on unsure of what has been released over the years, you can surf through them all via the Collections tab sorting for weapons, armor, ect. That is a bit easier than surfing the GTN, because you won't have to sort through duplicates, you'll get to see an entire armor set in one place, and there is no chance you'll miss anything because of a temporary lack of availability on the GTN. Once you see something you like, then check the GTN rates for it.

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