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Snare stacking


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Drako and I were discussing snare stacking last night, and it occurred to me that I didn't even have the current list of snares memorized. When we got the balance patch that introduced the type 3 ships, it also changed ion railgun's snare (to what is currently on the tooltip, the 12 second one), and added a ton of snares. At the time, I'm pretty sure that they all stacked (I know for a fact at SOME point they did). Later, it was obvious that they did not- I think this happened at the same time that ion railgun's top tier effects were reverted to their launch state (without a commensurate change to the tooltips, so we still don't know dev intent).


Do we have an official list?


From Drako's post from last year:


Slows that slow speed:


Engine Targeting upgrade on Concussion Missile

Engine Ionization upgrade on Ion Missile

Engine Disruption upgrade on Ion Railgun

Seismic Wave upgrade on Seismic Mine


Slows that slow speed and turning:


Interdiction Missile

Interdiction Sentry Drone

Interdiction Mine

Interdiction Drive


The crewman ability snares turning, but not speed. Does it count as being in the second category, or does it stack with those? I know we tested back in the day, but I'm not sure we tested after the final (and mostly undocumented) wave of changes.



Edit: Implied here is that the first category stacks with the second category, but that items within a category do not stack with their own category: hence the question about the crewman.


Sab probe may or may not be different, but now that you mention it, I bet ANYTHING that the logic preventing snare stack by similar category is why taking the "speed reduced" category makes it stop locking movement. I bet that is the heart of that bug.

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I think the way it works is a speed snare stacks with a speed + turning snare, but two speed snares do not stack with each other and two of the turning snares don't stack. IE for the snares to stack they have to be different types. That's how it was explained to me and it seemed to be accurate when i played with it, but I never rigorously tested it to confirm.


I could be wrong, or it could have changed. If someone else wants to test and confirm, great.


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If my memory serves me right it is somewhat light this (it was also pointed out earlier):

You are right Verain =3

Speed and Speed+Turning do stack

Also at least going by the debuff bar speed+turning and Servojammer (only turning do stack).

I tried that some time ago and I think it stacked.

I might try it again though since I am not 100% sure about this.


So I might edit this post =D

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If you really want to nail this down I could be a target for snare abuse. Usually I am on Aknife'or'two, harbinger impside. If you decide to get some tests in, send me a msg in game.


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