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Lord Dramath


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Lord Dramath is a trapped ghost. Perhaps that has something to do with his visibility.


Otherwise, it does seem that Force ghosts can hide or reveal themselves to others as they wish, even to strong Force users. When the Outlander is in carbonite and is 'visiting' the Eternal Throne with Valkorion, Vaylin sees *the Outlander,* but never seems to sense or see that her father is there, too. There are a bunch of times when Valkorion is talking to the Outlander in front of Lana or Theron, as well, and even Lana doesn't feel or see Valkorion most of the time.


The same is true with Darth Marr - even if your Outlander is a Force user who had a good relationship with Marr, they don't see his ghost until Marr actively decides to reveal himself. There's a line in there where the Outlander's asking Satele who she's talking to, so they really don't see Marr until he wants to be seen.

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Lana Beniko says " it is the spirit of a Sith Lord" . Spirit=ghost, as far as i know.


Dramath also says he's not alive yet not dead. The tech the special holocron has kept his spirit in limbo so tenebrae could torture him. He is a spirit but because of the holocron anyone whom activates it can see.

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